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More Bad News

BryanalleenIf last night wasn't bad enough, it looks like Bryan Allen could be out a little bit longer. Or a lot longer. Will know more after he gets his knee looked at again.

Allen watched today's practice from the bench wearing shorts, sandals and a Panthers sweatshirt. He told me the knee has been swollen for a while and something has to be done. He doesn't know what, but it sounds like more surgery could be neccesary. And that's not good.

Allen says the knee has to be fixed one way or another, and he didn't sound all that optimistic. "We keep messing around with it,'' he said. "Quick fixes haven't worked.''

-- Pete DeBoer says Tomas Vokoun starts for the fourth straight game tomorrow despite Craig Anderson's obvious success against the Isles last year. Of course, TV was 2-0 against the Isles last year too, and he also shutout the Isles. This is what you call a vote of confidence.

And PDeB says he doesn't buy into the notion that some goalies are just slow starters. Says that becomes a mental crutch.

-- Word out of Isles camp is that Rick DiPietro makes his first start of the season tomorrow. Rumors persist that DiPietro is having trouble with his surgically repaired knee although the Isles deny any such thing.


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Great, another game that we "should" win, hopefully they will get it right this time around...

after allens good first year with us his injuries have hurt him a lot from being a key member of this team.

If BA is going to be out for a while then JM should be on the phone with Cullimore.

Good to see Vokoun is starting... I love Anderson and all... but usually after we play Vokoun in a questionable position... he does well.

Well, doesn't matter (tomorrow anyways) if Bryan plays...according to the experts...tomorrows game is an EASY two points.

Nothing comes easy for this team, AHL or not..

Our defense is deep enough that losing Allen is going to destroy our season - sign Cullimore. He's a steady presence on the blue line and we should get McCabe back shortly.

This team needs to learn to put everything together. Too many nights where the offense shows up, but the defense doesn't - see game 1. Then Vokoun and the defense fall asleep - see game 3. GET IT TOGETHER PANTHERS!!!

I like Cullimore as much as the next guy. I have to figure that by now, a week into the season for most teams that if someone really needed "D", Jassen would be playing already.

OR, he would have beaten Murphy flat-out for a job.

Yes, Jassen could give us a hand, but he's no Allen and certainly no big quick fix.

I know Jassen is no Allen and would not be a total fix, but he would definitely help since he knows the system having been through all of camp.

If Allen needs more extensive knee surgery, we are probably talking months so we need a replacement up here since we don't have much in Roch that is really NHL ready right now. Murphy could probably clear waivers again and go down to Roch until, god forbid, we have another injury on D (it's been our fate the past few years so there is no reason to think it will end).

As defensemen go down across the league Cullimore is going to get picked up sooner or later, so I think we should pick him up now since he would probably be the best available option for us when we need it. If we wait too long, he will be gone.

Ok let's not start the injury reason again for the team not performing. Just like last season, yes we had injuries like every team has, but it seems that is an excuse every year. It wasn't like Olli or J-BO got hurt last year. Yes Van RYn was out and a few others, but a lot of average players were hurt, and everyone wants to use that as an excuse for us not playing well as a team or performing up to expectations....
Bryan Allen is an average Dman. Yes,like many others on this team, I think he is over-rated. Apparently, he must be a positive influence in the locker room and that is commendable, but he shouldn't be in our top pairing with J-Bo. His offensive game is average, defense maybe slightly above average, outlet passes are OK. So when all our D are healthy, he ranks behind J-Bo, Ballard, Skrastins, McCabe, and probably Boynton as well...Injuries happen, so deal with it and move on. Cullimore is cheap and played admirably for us last year. He deserves another look if we need him. I say sign him now at the very least as an insurance policy for us and/or possible trade later on down the road...

All I have to say is that I will be at the Panthers Islanders game and I want to see a Panthers win. No excuses, just a win. Ok?

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