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Murphy Waived

Finally got confirmation from the Panthers that defenseman Cory Murphy has been placed on waivers; was done early this afternoon. He has until noon tomorrow to find out where he'll be playing.

If Murphy gets claimed, then he moves on.

If he doesn't, the Panthers could assign him to AHL Rochester and continue to pay his NHL salary. Granted, that isn't too big of a deal. EDIT Murphy will make $875,000 this season.

Looks like Jassen Cullimore could be sticking around after all.


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Love it sign cullimore for a year and then next year bring up ellerby or if we trade bouw in mid season bring him up then. Murphy just didn't fit in with this defense.

Murphy is on his last year of contract I thought.... he is making 875 this year.

a team like Atl should sign Murphy just for the PP

Hopefully this is a signal that Cullimore will be resigned. Betcha JM hopes the Diminutive One is claimed so we don't have to pay his salary.

Atlanta has Schneider and Hainsey, they don't need Murphy.

We'd LOVE to have Murphy down here as our power play QB. If he comes down without the "big league" attitude, he's most welcome.

murph wouldn't big-league any of those guys. he's a class act. I think someone claims him tomorrow. he has plenty of upside and a contract that isn't too hard to swallow...

I am not sure about him being claimed...seems as if there is a glut of D men waived today!

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