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Golf in the Glades

Golfglades Good afternoon folks, sorry today's post is late, but I spent the day on a golf course carved out of sugarcane fields.

Yeah, made the drive to Belle Glade to see what all the excitement was about. Had a good time, save for the golf. I really need to play more. Or get some lessons. Or just quit.

Anywho, word out of practice is that Karlis Skrastins returned today, apparently cleared by the L.A. specialist (not Manny Ramirez). Also, Bryan Allen is still out, the knee he had scoped giving him some problems.

Will have a more detailed report tomorrow when I make my grand return to work. Hey, everyone needs a day off every now and again.

More from Garrett Hylton in tomorrow's Miami Herald.


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What? 3 months wasn't enough time off? ;)

Wow, I got people worked up in the last thread. I am not going to say a word on this one!! LOL

In closing to the last thread, All I am saying is that the expectations here for this team is far less then your NORMAL hockey market. We have lost so many years in a row that any sign of hope is a marketing ploy and people should just realize it. I am just going to sit back and wait and see what we are going to do. Game 1 may only of been game 1 however, it was still a blown 2 goal lead however you look at it. Atlanta is a pathetic hockey team and it took us overtime to beat them. Lets go Panthers!

You didnt get me worked up, you stated your opinion, I disagreed. I find it amusing that you dropped your argument over there but are willing to start it here.

Andy writes:

"the expectations here for this team is far less then your NORMAL hockey market."

No, the expectations are exactly the same. In the regular season win enough to qualify for the playoffs. If possible win the division, if not make it into the rest of the 5 playoff seeds. Once in the playoffs win the first round, then so on and so on. This is every teams expectations, not every team will realize them, but every team has them.

Andy writes:

"any sign of hope is a marketing ploy "

Any sign of hope is progress in the making since it was not that long ago that hope was over before the Thanksgiving turkey hit the table.

Hope has nothing to do with marketing. Selling has to do with marketing.

Andy writes:

"Game 1 may only of been game 1 however, it was still a blown 2 goal lead however you look at it. "

Yep and we fell behind in game 2 and staged a comeback. Went ahead, lost the lead and won in OT, its still 2 points in the column NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK AT IT"

Andy writes:

"Atlanta is a pathetic hockey team"

Funny, they didnt look pathetic in their first game when they throttled the Capitals with 7 goals. Of course the Capitals are only the defending SE division Champs, so what sort of gage are they?

"Lets Go Panthers!!!"

Only I say it louder!




I am not going to get started in a shouting match, however, you are being very closed minded to what the product has been in the past 10 years, I know you are going to say lets forget about the past. The Panthers played 2 games and that is all. Please wait and see and maybe you will take the goggles off and see that this team does not have enough offense to make it to the playoffs. This team is not good enough yet. Lets see what they do with Jay B and see if they use him for some offensive help. I agree with you when you say that there D is fine. I am all for being a fan of a team like you and because you get loud and scream does not mean that you can oversee what MANY experts think about this team. Catfan, the bottom line is this, they have stunk for over 10 seasons. They have done very little to help in the scoring department and in a 82 game season you will need to score goals to win games on MOST nights. I hope I am wrong, but look up and down the 1st 4 lines on this team upfront and it does not scare anyone. I think you are looking for this team to make a run like the cup team did with hustle and grit, however, that was a special team that does not come around many times. I know you dont want to admit it, but good hockey teams do not blow 2 goal leads becausw those points that you lose will come back and haunt you later. In response to you thinking that Atlanta is NOT pathetic. If you think that Atlanta team is good then please read up on the NHL. That Thrashers team stinks and are as close to an AHL as you can get along with the Islanders. Trust me Catfan I know my NHL more then you can even think. In the past 10 years I have spent alot of money flying around to watch post season NHL and I like you would like to watch a game at home. There is NOTHING like playoff hockey at home, I just think the organization has made so many mistakes that it will still take time to recover from all of them. If I can give credit to the panthers that would be that the best thing they ever did was remove JM from the bench (ask Ottawa how much they liked him). I hope that you and I can meet one day and have a beer or two. You are a great fan!!!


Thanks Andy! Thats is what this is all about. Being a fan of the Panthes. And I know you would love nothing better than on April 12 to owe me that "apology" for ever doubting the team. (I say that in jest) as we go into the the playoffs for the first time in 8 years. I believe it will happen, not because of the first two games of the season but because of what I have seen since the end of last season.

One must remember that much of the late season winning streak had little to do with #12's production. He had become invisible on offense after the Zed incident (which in its own way is understandable)

But since the end of the season I feel we fixed our most glaring weakness which was our top 4 defenseman. I personally do believe that the scoring by committee will be an important factor. I think the style of play is a radical departure from everything we have done in the past 6 years. And that alone will be an important change to the team.

As I said before this will either soar like an F-15 or C&B like the Hindenburg. I personally am betting on the former. To be optimistic at this time that is my choice.

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