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Black Friday ... Panthers open up BankAtlantic Center ... Panthers help feed others

BlackfridayDon't know about you, but I love Black Friday.

While a bunch of nut jobs camp out for hours in front of Best Buy and Big Lots ($5 headphones! $2 socks!) trying to get great deals on stuff, I'm sleeping peacefully.

Of course, I see the Nike Factory Store is opening at midnight on Friday, so I may swing by there. You know, to get gifts. For others.

Anyway, the Panthers are jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon in a big way. Not only is the arena going to be open Friday for the morning skates of both the Panthers and Rangers, but the team store is going to be open with big discounts for those of you who want to give your friends some Panther gear. They are also going to be slashing prices on tickets, including those for the second half of the season.

According to the team, tickets are going to be discounted 30 to 50 percent off. Holiday packs are going to be 20 percent off. The tickets are already cheap down here; they just got cheaper.

OK, inexpensive.

The team will also be feeding those fans who come over to watch practice. That's a pretty good deal.

So, when you're done fighting the crowds at Sawgrass, finished picking through the $10 DVD bin at Circuit City, come on over the arena. I'll be there, probably wearing something new from the Nike store.

-- Thanks to those who donated food and money during the past couple of weeks. The Panthers were able to distribute nearly 350 family means for Thanksgiving on Tuesday.

Also, according to the team, the players donated enough money to buy 300 turkeys with the team's foundation matching the funds to buy 300 more. Very nice.

Wkrp Hopefully they didn't drop the turkeys from a helicopter.

"As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly." 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone...


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I'll be thankful on Turkey Day if this team can put together a few good wins and bring me a top line scorer for Bouwmeester!

HEY! We still drop the frozen turkeys here in Cincinnati. LOL

George- What happened at the meeting between Belak and DeBoer after Belak was waived?

I don't know...I wasn't at practice yesterday, forgot to ask PDeB and didn't see Belak after today's skate (he did skate)...assuming it was a civil meeting, and Wade's in the lineup tonight...

The Panthers should call the NHL and give the point back. They were pathetic tonight

Ya know Andy, as bad as they were for so much of this game, and considering how many times we have lost points in the final seconds of games. Bleep it!

I like the fact that they rallied and stole the point. I began to leave with 3 minutes left in the game saying to my kid "I don't believe this team has a miracle in them" was 1/2 way down the escalator when Jay scored the first one on a weak shot that still looked like he could care less. So I figure what the heck I took my kid and we went into section 102 and grabbed a seat. There was a moment there in the final minute when I said to myself, "why did I bother, we dont score those type of goals (last seconds to tie)" About the moment I was going to stand up and beat the rush to my beer laden cooler a strange thing happened OH MY FREAKING GAWD BOOTH JUST SCORED TO TIE IT UP!!!!!!!!! There is my 8 year old daughter almost in tears, there is the last 3000 hardcore Panther Fans going absolutely nuckingfutz, and TELL ME YOU WERENT THERE CELEBRATING. Yeah we stole a point we might not have deserved. But how many freaking times in the past did we lose a point in a similar fashion. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I KNOW MY TURKEY IS GOING TO TASTE A WHOLE LOT BETTER NOW!!


Did DeBoer wake up and bench Horton in the third or did something happen to him, if he benched him it is about time.

As my wife said, a pee wee team knows that you need to have bodies in the slot to score, we have people in front of the net for the first time in the last 5 minutes and get two goals.

As the season is 25% over we are still in 30th place.

We were watching JM in his box and you could see a puzzled look, don't know why because after 3 plus years he should realize that these players are what they are.

Happy Thanksgiving and lets see if this is really a stepping stone in stealing a point or will it be the same old Panthers this weekend

Nate suffered a laceration to the leg during that collision between he, Welch, and F'n Devil player in the 3rd.

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