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Riding that Train with the Panthers ... David Booth OK ... Craig Anderson in net Tuesday

Polarexpress SOMEWHERE BETWEEN NEW YORK AND WASHINGTON - Quick update for everyone:

David Booth injured his shoulder in the first period of today's win in New York, but he says it's a minor injury and he came out because he didn't think he would be effective. Says he's going to see how it feels after tonight, Pete DeBoer saying he's questionable for Tuesday in D.C.

In no surprise, Pete DeB also says that he's throwing the hot hand at the Capitals, with Craig Anderson back in net for his third straight start. Great job by Andy today, and he predictably waved off any talk of a goalie controversy.

"I'm here for him, he's here for me,'' Anderson said. "We're both trying to make this team better, make each other better. When I get the chance, I have to win games.''

-- Jay Bouwmeester a plus-4 today.

-- PDeB had a lot of praise for the Ville Peltonen-Gregory Campbell-Radek Dvorak line and for good reason. They've been playing great lately and were the starters today.



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great effort two games in a row after the stinker against NJ, this is more like Panther hockey when we mattered.

Keep the effort going and the wins will fall into place,


I understand the concept of DeBoer going with the hot goalie. However, if DeBoer really has confidence in Vokoun as his No. 1 goalie, then why pull Vokoun after letting in 2 soft goals against NJ and then sit him for the next 3 games? Do you find it strange that Vokoun is sitting and Anderson playing? I really cannot see the Panthers paying Vokoun $5.7 million to ride the pines. Is he injured? Is he being shopped? Is Anderson being showcased?

no he shudnt find anything strange. when the guy who makes 550 000$ a year has the best goalie stats in the LEAGUE and wins every game he played in or lost in SO on a team whos been last in the league since the beginning of the season and then ur highest paid player loses just about everytime he plays by givin away soft goals the choice is clear. Ive always thought Andy could be a #1...hes cheap, unlike Vokoun so trade Vokoun for some scoring and a backup and things will fall into place..and i like Vokoun but its for the team's best interests
Let's keep Anderson for a while and Markstrum is comin up in a couple years so the future looks bright between the pipes!

I was at the game and it was the best they played all season.

Good forcheck and solid play by Frolik!

Andy was good as usual, JM needs to wake up and trade Vokoun. He makes the most money and he doesn't play. Andy is better, deal with it!

Let down in DC? Not possible if Andy is in goal and he is!

Will the Team keep playing hard? Yes because Horton is still out!



That would be 11 points out of 16


How many of you feel comfortable with T-vo in? I don't because he is always out of position flopping all over the place and complaining about every little thing!

With Andy we get points!

Great Game. It's amazing how the 3 highest paid players on our roster are the ones who need to be moved. Absolutely trade Bo, Vokoun and Horton get some quality scoring coupled with some defensive depth and we are playoff bound.

Get rid of the scout for the Florida Panthers.

Have you checked out the Amerks Record lol. They are 3-16-1 lol

Team psyche is slowly turning grittier.Last year we would have thrown in towel against Devils and Rangers.Frolik is going to be a VERY GOOD player.First time I am positive in 3 years.All this with a lousy to mediocre defence corps.Kudos to Peltonen and Dvorak-now if olesz would only wake up.

1st time all season that they played 60 minutes. Glad to see that. Is it not amazing how we have to be happy with playing 60 minutes when it should be expected.

Anderson is hot, keep him in

David Booth for All-Star! Booth makes that Marcus Nilson trade for a 2nd rounder look like a steal!

I wouldn't throw in the towel on Vokoun just yet, but if the market is such that we can get a 1st round draft pick for him and a few lower rounders, I hope that JM would consider it, especially since Andy is proving to be a decent goalie. Regardless, Andy should be offered a long-term contract.

Wouldn't write the Panthers off just yet, they're only a few points out of contention. Image that?

Ville Peltonen-Gregory Campbell-Radek Dvorak line has played great... Peltonen is like a completely different player, he is skating! Everytime Campbell plays in MSG he excels must have to do with hanging around the rink there when his dad coached the Rags... Makes sense to go with Andy but Vokoun is still the man besides he has a NO trade contract. Andy is hot and you should always go with the hot goalie. Tarnasky look good. Nice fight by Stewart. Weiss was great. Nice effort from the whole team.

Hey George - is it just me or does this team look better without Horton? They almost look like a different team without him, and it started on Friday right after he went off to the dressing room.

And for anyone who thinks the team would be better off without Bouwmeester, just take a look at his numbers over the past several games. He is hitting his stride and it is no coincidence that the team is playing better.

Perhaps trading Horton for more offensive talent will turn things around and convince Bouwmeester that Florida is the place to be.


because we need scoring and we wont make the playoffs with out it.

That is why you trade Vokoun.

Nice to see this team finally getting some confidence, and scoring from different guys...Yes we can't get too jacked up about this, as they seemed to catch the Rangers on an afternoon siesta, but take the two points and run when they'll give it to you...It can only help!!!
I saw a couple Horton rumors, as it appears there is interest from the Leafs and Bruins... Get a couple players in return, or make it a package deal and get some depth for the organization. It sounds like Rochester could use some help as well.... I think it would send a serious message to the players, long overdue, as to the type of character you want on your team.... Horton doesn't have it. I won't even feel bad if he excels somewhere else. We all know he has skill, but he will never be the player we need him to be--one that can help make the players around him better players... If there is a deal out there, make it JM!!!

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