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Disneyland -- That's the Ticket

DisneylandTEMPE, Ariz. -- Just got back from another edition of Panther Debacle, a night in which the Panthers had a lead but lost it in the second and never really did much to get it back in the third.

Hard to score when your guys are taking the freeway to the penalty box the whole time.

Anyway, things aren't good in Pantherland as I'm sure everyone knows by now. The team has lost six straight, and unless something drastic happens tomorrow, will head back to SoFla riding a seven game streak. This was supposed to be a manageable trip, no? Five games, with only one -- Anaheim -- probably out of reach.

After the team beat San Jose, you would have to figure this team could have come away with points in Nashville (which they did), Atlanta (goodness gracious), Los Angeles (who was in goal for LA?) and Phoenix (hey! it's Olli!).

This team, for lack of a better term, is a mess. You can see it in their faces when they come into the rink. They are a beaten bunch. You can't help but feel bad for their rookie coach, a guy who has to deal with this and try and figure a way out. This team almost has to play perfect hockey for 60 minutes -- and even then they may not win.

So, instead of moping around Southern California on Sunday, they should all go to Disneyland. Check out the rides, have some cotton candy. Relax. Get some sun, take some goofy photos. Make the rookie (Michael Frolik) walk around in a goofy hat. Take more photos of that.

Then come in and see what happens against a Ducks team that was handled on Friday by Dallas and probably isn't going to be in a real good mood.

Of course, none of the guys are going to do this. They're going to walk around the local mall, get some coffee, come to the rink and walk in like they did tonight. With their head down, wondering where all the goals are going to come from. Hoping, praying, to get off to a good start and some how win. That's what it's come down to. They are hoping to win, hoping something goes their way. If you could measure confidence, the Panthers are at minus-3 right now.

I like Pete DeBoer, and he looks more dejected by the day. These losses are starting to wear on him and his staff, the losing atmosphere dragging down this franchise like nothing I've ever seen before. Some have spoken about changing the culture of this team, but that is so easier said than done. What do you do? Trade everyone away? Start over? Maybe. Maybe that's what you do. I don't know.

But right now, this team is digging itself into another major league hole. They are falling so far behind they would be asked to repeat a grade if they were in elementary school.

It's ugly right now. Ugly. And look at the schedule. It only gets harder. This, friends, was supposed to be the 'easier' part of the schedule.

But hey, at least Rochester won a game tonight, Shawn Matthias, Kenndal McArdle and Stefan Meyer all scoring goals the Panthers could have desperately used tonight.

Pete said yesterday that he sees brighter days ahead for this team.

They must seem far, far away.

In Tomorrowland.


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I am disgusted to the point of loss for words, maybe catfan can ease my pain and tell met that he has faith in the management. JM should not fly back home with the team. HE SHOULD BE FIRED for putting these flapjacks on the ice.

I don't understand this: The team played so well against San Jose and now we're stinkin up the joint.

GR- What should they do? Maybe it is time to get rid of everyone? Start new?

What a waste! We acquired high first-round draft picks year after year after year after year. And we're worse off now than when we were back then after Alan Cohen and company purchased the team. At least back then, we were all mad at mgmt because they traded Bure for Igor Ulanov. Remember that? Now, the difference is, we're just plain mad!

this organization is so far backwards, last year they were rated the worse organiation in the NHL now they are even worse.

It starts with an owner who awards failure by promoting failures, we are still paying for the Dudley draft mistakes then we compound those mistakes by giving long term contracts to the mistakes.

Yes, George, we must blow this thing up and start over.

Just look up the State at Tampa, they turned over their roster, ownership, front office and coaching staff

Short term Tampa is doing it right but long term it will not work.

Our problem is that we do not have the right players as our base. We finally have our own AHL team to develop players, we have not developed players like the winning organizations, Detroit, NJ.

Yes, JM the GM needs to be fired for not addressing the obvious lack of finishers on this team.

Of the 12 fowards on the roster I would only keep 2 Booth and Frolik.

On d, we need to trade J-Bo as his situation is distracting his game, (for those of us around a long time remember that his weakness was having a soft persona).

We traded last years first pick dispite it being one of the deepest drafts and everyone else was trying to get more first round picks.

This organization is at least 5 years away from having a chance of being consistent, but it won't happen under JM, 5 years is enough to show us that

Yes!!! We can get Tavares!!! Then trade bow for some forwards. Then trade Vokoun for some better forwards. Let Andy be our starter and then let markstrum come in. That is how we can build this team. Lets tank and then get Tavares!

This is really a pathetic situation. Clearly this organization is (again) going nowhere and needs a major shake up, both on and off the ice. Franchises can be turned around very quickly -- look at the Toronto Maple Leafs, and even our own Miami Dolphins -- but it takes a commitment from the very top of the house, and the Panthers' organization continues to operate in complete denial. Cohen won't be able to deny for much longer the empty seats at the BankAtlantic Center coupled with the juicy financial offers from prospective Southern Ontario ownership groups. This mess is bigger than JM and Pete DeBoer. Oh, and by the way, when Dolphins' coach Tony Sparano started the season 0-2 and it looked like "more of the same", he hadn't exhausted himself or run out of ideas... instead, he and his assistants completely re-invented their offense on a plane ride home from Arizona, and the team has won 4 of 6 since then. What has the Panthers' braintrust (is that an oxymoron??) done to try to reverse their fortunes? It's the same crap and the same lack of effort night in and night out... nothing has changed. As it is said, only an idiot would continue doing the same things and expect a different outcome.

Attention Florida Panthers:
You have an asset to trade, Jay Bouwmeester, now is the time to use it and bring in some real talent. It is not like he wants to stay with the Panthers and there are teams that would give a top scoring forward, prospects and a first round pick for Bouwmeester. Just do it!

The management doesn't make good decisions. Please, Bouwmeester instead of Rich Nash or Nathen Horton instead of Eric Stall. The whole scouting staff should be fired, starting with Scott Luce, who couldn't spot a diamond if it was staring him in the face.The special on TV showing that they want prospects with character was a joke! Horton, Weiss, Olesz and Boumeester have no character! This team has no heart or soul!

JV stole a bit of my thunder but in essence,

year after year of picks that are 2nd and 3rd liners at best;

These players have been projected by our scouts and management to be our future. This is clearly indicative of their inability to evaluate talent.

This goes back a long time.

First-round draft picks:

1993: Rob Niedermayer (5th overall)
1994: Ed Jovanovski (1st overall)
1995: Radek Dvorak (10th overall)
1996: Marcus Nilson (20th overall)
1997: Mike Brown (20th overall)
1998: None
1999: Denis Shvidki (12th overall)
2000: None
2001: Stephen Weiss (4th overall) & Lukas Krajicek (24th overall)
2002: Jay Bouwmeester (3rd overall) & Petr Taticek (9th overall)
2003: Nathan Horton (3rd overall) & Anthony Stewart (25th overall)
2004: Rostislav Olesz (7th overall)
2005: Kenndal McArdle (20th overall)
2006: Michael Frolik (10th overall)
2007: Keaton Ellerby (10th overall)
2008: None

Why spend so much time and money on scouting and meetings when the close your eyes and point method would have netted simialar results if not better.
While the jury is still out on some of these guys and some are solid...but for the most part the rate of failure is unacceptable.

Everyone is clamoring to trade Bouw now... but do you really want JM trading our last valuable chip?? I want JM fired first, then hire a GM with full autonomyand proven track record. Then and only then, do we trade Bouw. Not to mention, isn't it part of the one year deal he signed that we cannot have any negotiations until Jan. 1st?

Wow. This is terrible. I came across this from TheHockeyNews.com and I'm a Rangers/Penguins fan and it kinda took me back reading all this. Like how I felt as a fan for years with my teams. I feel so bad for this team its not even funny. But at least I like your guys team than anyone on the Islanders. You got Vokoun and Horton, and Weiss. Good luck to you guys!

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