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Dogs and Cats Living Together -- Mass Hysteria

Tempe_2 TEMPE, Ariz. -- Greetings from the Land of Erickson where Dennis' Sun Devils try to snap a six game losing streak when they visit Washington this weekend.

In a pure bit of coincidence, the Panthers are in Erickson's newest hometown and they, too, are trying to put an end to an ugly losing streak. At least the Panthers got a point out of Nashville. ASU didn't get anything for their close loss to Oregon State last week.

Florida lost its fifth straight Thursday night, an ugly, brutal affair in Los Angeles where the scoreboard was much kinder to the Cats than anyone who might happen upon that mess. OK, sure, Florida lost 3-2. Might as well have been 43-2. Just an ugly game.

I missed Florida practice today because the Cats and Dogs couldn't coexist and share what looked to be two pieces of ice at the Coyotes' practice facility today. So, I had to make a choice.

After last night, that was easy: I went to talk to Olli and the Great One.

Good stuff out of Olli, including that he has taken up golf. There has to be a joke in here somewhere, but he says he's serious and has joined a club here in the local area. Go ahead, make your "plenty of time for golf" playoff joke now. We'll wait.

Anywho, Olli was in a great mood, and probably knows his 11 points this season would lead the Panthers once again.

More on Olli in my next post. Hope you'll join us!

-- Spoke to Pete DeBoer courtesy of the OnStar Hotline (figured GM could use some free pub) this afternoon, and he still sounds a bit bummed about last night. Says he called a team meeting today to talk about last night, then they went out and did battle for the puck drills throughout their session. That was obviously lacking last night.

I can see if you aren't better than the other team, but don't let them outwork you like happened in L.A. And it wasn't just the first two periods, either. After making it 2-1, Florida didn't do much else and reverted right back to the crummy style of play the L.A. crowd didn't seem to enjoy as they all left real early.

Of course, there weren't that many of them to begin with.

-- PDeB wasn't all negative today, and he echoed comments made by Gregory Campbell (one of a handful who should be excused from last night's mess) by saying "brighter days are ahead. I know this. We're not that bad of a team.''

-- Kamil Kreps, as you might have noticed, didn't play in the third last night. I thought he got benched. Well, he might have had he not suffered a concussion in the second. Pete says Kreps is out for the weekend. Rostislav Olesz (shoulder) should be back Saturday.

-- Tomas Vokoun in net, with Wayne Gretzky telling us that Ilya Bryzgalov will be between the pipes for the Ducks, err, Coyotes. Florida can't beat anyone's backup, so maybe they'll do better against Phoenix's starter.