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Fun Saturday in SoFla

TailgateGood afternoon hockey fans, hope you are enjoying your Saturday.

The Panthers have today off, so with that in mind, I have some suggestions on things to do today.

Could be as lazy as watching college football all day. No problem with that. That may be all that's on my agenda today. There's also a NASCAR race down in Homestead, and I'm sure Craig Anderson will be down there for check it out. He's a gearhead. I get that.

OK, that's all I got.

-- In case you missed it, here's Mike Babcock on the Panthers after last night's game: “They’ve got a lot of pieces here. Bouwmeester skates just like Niedermayer, both goaltenders are solid, down the middle, Booth, Weiss, it’s a pretty nice setup there, the Campbell kid looks like he’s going to provide energy. I think Ballard is a real good player. I think the future here is going to be real good.”

So they've got that going for them, which is nice.

-- Leftovers from last night: The players weren't real happy with the way their game ended last night, saying if they would have played the third like they did the second, perhaps they would have skated out with a win.

Well, yeah. But the Panthers didn't commit any penalties in their fantastic second period, and that wasn't the case in the third. The Red Wings locked down, showed why they are still the team to beat in the league. Haven't seen the Wings in person very much, but goodness, they are impressive to watch. I catch a bunch of their games on television, and the tube does not do these guys justice. Parts of that game was like watching a hockey clinic. I enjoyed watching last night's game immensely.

-- So what's next for the Cats? Well, practice Sunday at Incredible Ice. Starts at 11. Open to the public.

After that, the Panthers go on the road for three; winnable games at Tampa Bay and New Jersey, Boston is playing well. But, the Panthers have won four straight at the new Garden, so that has to count for something. You have to think Florida has to get four of the next six. This is a tough stretch right now, but the Panthers need to get on their horse and start pulling down some points.

-- Would expect to see Tomas Vokoun in net the next two games, then Craig Anderson on Friday at Boston. He beat them there last year if you remember (it was 1-0, he made 40 saves).

-- Thought Richard Zednik had a terrific game last night. Dude was all over the place. Really liked what David Booth brought to the table as well.

-- I thought NBC was the Notre Dame network? This CBS telecast of the ND-Navy game is a complete schillfest for the Irish and they just had a softball-filled "interview" with the AD up in the box that was more infomercial than information. Awful television, but it's either that or Clemson-Duke....