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Happy November 16

HomesteadGreetings from Homestead where I've come down to watch some NASCAR racing up close and personal.

OK, lying about that one. Sitting in Sunrise, watching the Dolphins.

Not much interest among the Panthers regarding today's Winston Cup finale, even gearhead Craig Anderson declining an invitation to see the boys trade some paint. Too far, too many folks seemed to be the rationale for most. Plus the team has an earlier practice tomorrow (10 a.m.) and a week long road trip coming up.

Anywho, not much going on at practice this morning. Stephen Weiss and Gregory Campbell sat out, although Campbell worked on the ice for about 45 minutes after the practice broke up. Didn't see Weiss anywhere, he was probably getting treatment back at the arena.

With three forwards out (told Kamil Kreps is out another week at the least), Noah Welch was put on a line with Wade Belak and Anthony Stewart. Pete DeBoer says that was just to have four even lines and they are not considering moving Welch to forward (although, why not. Worked for Montie).

Talked to Jay Bouwmeester a little bit about his offensive struggles, he has yet to score a goal this season. Reminds me of a couple years ago when it took him months to get his first. He says he hopes he doesn't have to go through with that again.

-- As far as that report out of Ottawa goes (basically said JM has been ordered by Alan Cohen to a) make the playoffs, b) sign Jay long-term and c) cut $3 mil off the books) probably has a touch of truth to it. But just a touch.

Mr. Cohen wants Jay to stay, and would like to save money and make the playoffs. No duh.

But I think this combination of things -- orders it has been reported -- don't make much sense. You can't dump salary and hope to keep Jay. He hates how things are run down here as it is. Dumping salary only to offer him more and tell him once more "things are looking up" is delusional.

To make the playoffs, you can't deal off your best parts, because, well, no one wants the Panthers' spares (who don't make the kind of money that would make that much of a difference any how).


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Jay is overrated, way overrated. Lets trade him for a goal scorer before he gets injured. I see no point in risking injury to an asset who should return a legitimate top six forward. He isn't going to sign with this team. He would have done it already.

Actions speak louder than words. The Panthers would not have acquired McCabe, if Martin intended to resign J-Bo.

I don't buy the report about Cohen from Ottawa. Cohen is giving Martin a free hand to rebuild the club as he should.

Martin is following the classic approach of building from the goal out. Year one, he addressed the goalie and acquired Vokoun. Year two, he rebuilt the defense. Next off season, we will have a ton of money available to spend on a very rich free agent class. If the cap goes down as expected, then all the better for the Panthers.

Yes, it looks again like wait until next year, but sometimnes it take spatience to build a winner.

Well, your baby Panthers took it on the chin again tonight giving up three SHORTHANDED goals in the third period in a 5-2 loss. We drop to 2-13. Boy, what a future you guys have ahead of you........

how long is someone suppose to be patient, Martin has been here since 2004 and we have gone backwards ever since.

He decided early on that he was going to build around Horton, Weiss and Olesz, so far none of these players have shown that they are the type to build a team around. Weiss is a 3rd line center, Horton is lazy and Olesz can't finish.

Most NHL people will tell you that Frolik should be in the AHL. Martin also told us that Matthias would be scoring goals for the Panthers, yet he couldn't make a team that is clearly lacking forwards.

Martin also sent a letter right after the Luongo trade telling us what a great trade that was for the franchise. (Whether you blame Martin or Keenan, they both agreed to the trade at the time, as did Cohen). In fact, if you go to the Panthers web site and look at the history of the franchise, they call the Luongo trade the largest in the history of the franchise (I guess they forgot we traded for Jokinen and Luongo and had an earlier trade for Pavel Bure but that was before Yormark)

The only players on the roster that I would keep are Booth, Frolik and Ballard.

If that is building a franchise the right way then our patience will have to wait a long time as 4 years of Martin and we should only keep 3 players or 13%, at this pace it will be 29 years before we have a team that can compete for the cup.

While I liked the effort against Detroit, including Horton after he was checked, it was clear how much better Detroit is compared to the Panthers.

Not only has the management run this franchise into the ground it looks like they are doing the same thing to Rochester who really hasn't competed.

Can't wait for the Hockey News to rate the organizations to see how low are grade will go this year.

Cohen needs to get a hockey person to oversee the hockey operations (if Burke takes over in Toronto we could bring back Joe Nieuwendyk who will bring credibility to an organization who desperately needs it).

Joe Nieuwendyk is not coming back here.

There is no chance that anyone who has been here once would make the same mistake twice.

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