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Hello from Homestead West


Good evening from Glendale, Arizona, where we may be closer to downtown Los Angeles than we are to downtown Phoenix.

Talk about being in the middle of nowhere. Think if the Panthers built their arena in Homestead, and you have a good idea of where Glendale is.

Of course, Homestead is growing and so is this part of Arizona. The new entertainment complex built here (it sits next to the arena and across the way from the new Cardinals' football stadium) is top notch and a great idea. If this is what Alan Cohen and the Panthers have in mind to surround the Bank, I'm all for it. This is a cool place. It just took forever to drive here.

Ollibig Spent the afternoon watching college football at the Fox Sports Zone right next to the arena with Steve X. and VanMurph. Good times, good wings. And a pretty mean gumbo as well.

Now, on to hockey.

Just spoke to Pete DeBoer who filled us in on his new-look lines. David Booth isn't playing with Stephen Weiss anymore; no, he's on the top line with Anthony Stewart and Nathan Horton.

The other lines: Brett McLean-Stephen Weiss-Michael Frolik; Rostislav Olesz-Gregory Campbell-Radek Dvorak; Ville Peltonen-Richard Zednik-Wade Belak.

Noah Welch the healthy scratch again tonight.

Ollihelmet I do believe Olli Jokinen is in the lineup for the Coyotes tonight. Not sure though.

-- PDeB said he doesn't know who is in net tomorrow in Anaheim. Will let everyone know as soon as I know.

-- NASCAR is in town, the second-to-last race of the Winston Cup coming tomorrow. Then, it's off to Homestead for the finale. Glad I'm not one of Millerlite those guys who has to make that drive. Say hello to Tallahassee for me.

-- Here's a classic of former Coyote Keith Ballard and the very popular Pierre. I love these commercials.


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burn baby burn - disco inferno - burn baby burn

this is what happens when you have fire, red wine and no dinner

trade everybody this team sucks 6 in a ---------->omg make a trade

i'm originally from Miami and i am going home for Winter break next month, i wanted to go to a cats game but ticket prices are crazy, I can go to 3 Heat games and still have money left over when compared to the price of a Panthers game. the NHL is in trouble if this continues, Go Gators!

We're still waiting for the explanation of why you thought LaBarbera was in goal for the Kings game...??? C'mon, oh smug one, do the right thing! Make us understand!

Oh, and tonight's loss to Phoenix looks good on the Panthers, btw. Compared to the Panthers, the Atlanta Thrashers are a competent, well-run orgaization.

do the right thing? I screwed up. the goalie who was in there didn't have to do anything for 2-plus periods. I glanced at the scoresheet and saw labarbera and typed that in. simple as that. don't know if that's smug or not, but that's all I gots...mistakes happen...thanks for reading snooz....

It's Official!!!!!

We are the worst team in hockey

and quite possibly the worst

run organization in all of


I'm not sure what alternate universe Go Gators is living in, but it looks like the price of sitting in the upper level at a Heat game ($10-45) is roughly equivalent to sitting in the upper level at a Panthers game ($17-$62). Keep in mind the $62 is only the front row of the upper level. It's $20 cheaper to sit in the second row. Second row is $44 or $30 depending. That's not crazy. So, the cheapest ticket is $17 to the Heat's $10. But by the time you pay to park downtown, you have to have a group of 3 before it gets more expensive.

Now, the concession prices... Don't get me started.

Great time in PHX despite my favorite hockey team laying an egg... The sights were awesome, the calamari was terrific, and Penn State got beat by an unranked! Good to see you guys out there, George.

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