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It Can Be Done

Dennis TEMPE, Ariz. -- Congratulations to coach Dennis Erickson and his Arizona State Sun Devils for snapping their six game losing streak on Saturday night.

When contacted by Jacques Martin, Erickson offered sage advice on how the Florida Panthers can end their own six-game skid.

"Get the Washington Huskies on your schedule,'' Erickson reportedly told Martin."And start running a spread offense, open things up a bit. That should be able to get you some more goals. Or at least a touchdown or two. You hear of any openings down there?''

Off to Orange County....


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The next blog you write and JM;s name is on it should read that he has been FIRED. This team is a complete joke now and there is no longer any excuses that they can throw my way that I will believe. This team STINKS and I fell sorry for PD because he is now going to have a horrible NHL record. George, I love the jokes and everything, however, when are you going to talk about the managament and how pathetic they are. This is the only club that fires a coach and let him be the GM. This team needs new leadership NOW and whatever that person wants to do then that is what he will do. The only negative to that would be that that will give this pathetic franchise another excuse for not winning and to give them a few more years.

Panthers next promotion will be this.

If you can breathe you get in for free!!!

This is now and looks like for many more years to come the worst franchise in ALL OF SPORTS!!

The Ducks AHL team could be called up today and beat the Kitty Cats!!

Ah more pearls of wisdom from the peanut gallery. Gotta love it. Hey I am as frustrated as you, but its the revolving door of GM's and coaches as well as the sabatoge of past GM's like Dudley and Keenan who set this franchise back as far as it is.

As of the situation right now. It is not JM's fault that the talent on this team has decided to take the last two weeks off. Ask Horton if he feels he is earning his paycheck, or better yet aside from his near 30 minutes a night on the ice what is Jaybo doing to earn 7 mil next year. I do not see this as a talent issue but a heart and desire issue right now. Why they have no desire is beyond me. And at this point I dont think its lack of motivation from PdB. And it certainly isn't JM's job to motivate anyone (not that he was all that good at it to begin with) not when you have reached the NHL level.

So maybe its time for the fans to voice their displeasure. but direct it at the right place, the players who are significantly underachieving.


I agreee with everything you said, however, did you actually feel that this team is talented enough? They are not even close to having enough talent to compete. Look a GR's blog. he says that they have to play 60 min and that may not be enough to win a game. JM put thsi together and it needs to be blown up again and now. There are no offensive pieces. He gave big money to unproven forwards and that is his fault.

Take a look at the AHL team 2-10 and that is our future.

He has to go NOW and take Randy Sextin with him.

Hey there ARR, I do feel this team has enough talent to compete every night. Win lose or draw (well not anymore) I felt that top to bottom this is a solid team. World beaters no, but a team that should be able to compete night in night out. Our wins over some of the NHL elite (SJ, Ottawa, Anaheim, and a well played loss vs Mtl) prove my point. And one thing was common in all those games. It was a 60 minute effort. Like George said It will always take 60 minutes of concerted effort to win any game. If you give a 60 minute effort then you give your talent a chance to match the other teams talent. If you dont give the effort, then talent alone is not going to be enough.

As far as JM goes, when he took over from team killer Keenan he inherited a mess of monumental proportions. Now its not to say he (JM) didn't have something to do with it in some cases (Hagman, Huselius) But lets face it Keenan really screwed this team over in his dealings with many of the players who were more than happy to be gone from his prescence(Luongo, Marcus Nilson etc.)

Lets start with when JM took over the GM duties,If you are going to build a successful team it truly needs to start from the net out (losing Luongo when we did set us back at least 2-3 years. Now JM has to cover damage control. He inherited a team with the "one season wonder" in Alex Auld to which he wisely added the ageless Eddie Belfour. So at least we were not buried altogether.

The following year he made an absolute steal from Nashville in getting T-Vo. So he has started to rebuild the team from the net out. This past offseason when it was becoming understood that Jaybo may be on his way out the door to colder climates that JM the GM solidified our defensive core with the additions of Ballard, Boynton, and McCabe, who along with the unfortunately injured Allen are all set to be with the club for anywhere from 2-6 years. Again you build from the net out.

I have every reason to belive that when the opportunity presents itself JM will be ready to make the trade FA signing or even waiver wire pickup that will continue to help this team.

Right now I agree we do lack an "elite" scorer, someone who can change a game with one flick of his stick, but honestly how many of those are out there, and where can we get one for cheap. Even if you did dangle Bouw out there who are you going to get that is going to make this team instantly better?

I agree that losing sucks, and having been a fan of this team since its inception, and remembering the euphoric feelings in 1996, and to a lesser extent in 2000 I want to feel that electricity again.

As a solo STH since 1998 I want nothing more than to cheer for a winner. I also understand that the years of futility with the Panthers have as much to do with the revolving door of GM's and coaches and therefore the constant shuffling of players. JM is doing this the right way, its hard to be patient, but its the right thing to do.

As I said at the top I DO believe this team can compete night in night out. They will have to bring there A game every night, not just for the elite teams. A win over an eleite team is only worth the same 2 points as a win over a bottom feeder. This team needs to NOT play down to its competition, but to come out hard and BURY THEM. Then as I say win or lose, as long as I see a complete effort I will not complain.

Ok fellas, I think we are all here hoping for success, and frustrated with what we have, so we try to make the most out of poor decision making from this organIzation...I think we all can appreciate CatFan's optimism and once in a while we all start to believe in them a little bit...So while you both make valid points, the main thing most of us agree upon (deep down even CatFan too), is that they most teams can compete in the parity of today's salary-capped NHL. And yes I think it's the fairest way to make all team's have a chance, so any team can feasiby win on any given night. Our main problem is due to the fact that we have lesser talent(through our own mismanagement), this team has to have almost everything go right for them to consistently compete....It's a tough hole to put your team into, as other teams can sometimes compete on nights even when the whole team isn't firing on all cylinders....And to that degree, I believe we have to try to stay positive to the best part with what we have, but we also have the right to question those in charge to make better decisions....So while I do still support JM as gm for now, I do have a few questions for George to help us out with:

Follow up to his comment that he is interested in a center, but doesn't necessarily have room for Mark Parrish.....Why not?? Why not put one of our non-producers on waivers to make better changes to your team when you can established SCORER for cheap??

Are some of these decisions because we are cash-strapped, and if so, at what point do we start cutting some of our dead weight, or trade them away for draft picks??

Finally because J-Bo is a major issue this year, wouldn't we look really stupid if J-BO got a season-ending injury, left via free agency, and we got nothing in return??

It's deja-vu all over again.

Now Thats a Brilliant Commentary!!!

having been a season ticket holder from the beginning, I like everyone else would love to see a winner. The biggest problem with this team is a lack of talent (yes we have had a bad revolving door of GMs and coaches and while they were here they were fighting with each other (Keenan and Dudley).

The real question on this team is why are there so many games where there is no effort.
I have said since the end of the lockout that the Country Club needs to end and it still hasn't.

Why do we have so many players that are lazy?
Is it scouting, or is it the lack of funds to do the proper scouting.

Of the 23 men on the roster, less than 5 should be untouchable, Frolik, Booth, Ballard (Allen is not on the roster). Everyone else should be made available.

The mistake that JM made is giving long term contracts to players that do not deserve them (Horton)

Without Anderson in net against the Ducks we lose by a large margain.

At the start of the year JM the GM stated that we would be giving up less shots (hasn't happened). The worse part is that we don't shoot the puck, we have to be near the bottom in shots. Dvorak is the same player he was in the 90's great speed but can't finish yet we signed him why not have Parrish because Dvorak is the same type player as Zednik

I agree that JM inherited a mess, but you can also blame him for the product currently on the ice. He focused solely on D during the offseason, and while the D has had its share of injuries, it hasn't been a drastic improvement. We're still giving up too many shots a game. You combine that with the 29th ranked offense in the league and a PP AND PK that are both ranked in the mediocre to last range, you get a crappy team.

Guys are here that don't belong here which upsets me about the lack of signing Parrish. Stewart stinks. Peltonen has been invisible. Dvorak is a 4th liner at best and so are Greg Campbell and Kreps. Send of them to the minors! Are we really going to cry over losing any of those guys via wavers when you sign MARK PARRISH, a 20-30 goal scorer, for the 29th ranked offense??? Sometimes I think Martin is just too stubborn to see past his own vision of how to build a team. You need guys on both O and D, you can't just expect having a solid D is going to make you playoff-bound, especially in the East.

I'm no GM, I know that, but year in year out this team underachieves and trades are made for the wrong reasons. We've been burned so many times no wonder Martin has to start from the ground up, and then you get guys like Frolik playing on the top line when he should be in the AHL.

This team has lacked a true star since Bure was traded. Weiss, Horton, Olesz, etc., those guys are good players, but I don't see any "star" quality from those guys who've been in the league for a while now (well, Olesz still gets a pass on that). Bouwmeester is a great defenseman, but again he's no star - he's just solid and smooth as they come on the back line. There's no one who can steal the game for us right, except for maybe Booth but he's young and prone to streaks too.

So that's what you're going to get with this collection of useless veterans and young up-and-comers: streaky play. I hope for the team's sake Martin trades Bouwmeester b/c he sure as hell won't stay here, and come next year when Pelts, Zednik, etc. are all off the books he signs some REAL TALENT.

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