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Monday Night Football ... Florida Panthers head to Tampa Bay ... Not Taking the Lighting lightly ... David Booth a Dolphin/NASCAR fan

BrownsOnly a few more hours until the Browns take on the Bills, only a few more hours until this team disappoints me once more.

Hey, at least I'm used to it.

As far as hockey goes, not much going on in Pantherland. Team should be leaving for Tampa any time now, taking on the Lightning tomorrow night.

Stephen Weiss and Gregory Campbell were back today, Kamil Kreps skated before practice and will be on the trip. Could play sometime in the next three games. Noah Welch back on defense, replaced on a forward line by Wade Belak. Pete DeBoer says it was just a practice thing, wanted eight D today.

-- On being complacent playing Tampa, a team the Panthers beat 4-0: "People in glass houses don't throw stones,'' DeBoer said. "Where we are right now, we can't take anyone lightly. That conversation hasn't come up. If we bring our A game, we have shown we can compete with anyone. We also know, if we don't show up, we bring games like we did in L.A. and Atlanta. We can't afford to take anyone lightly.''

-- Campbell doesn't have an infection in his hand, but a deep bone bruise/possible fracture. He's going to keep playing with it.

-- David Booth took full advantage of Sunday's full sports day, leaving practice for the Dolphins-Raiders, then going down to Homestead to catch the end of the NASCAR race.


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taking a team lightly? LOL. we are in the bottom of the league, they should take us lightly

I see Cohen is preparing us with another smoke and mirrors story as he has leaked out to press that Martin must cut 3 million in salaries and re-sign Bouwmeester.Cohen knows Bouw is long gone so Martin will get a draft pick and a 1.7 million forward/center type probably of the Zednick/Peltonen caliber.Net saving of 3 million and giving fans the short end of stick again.Will someone please buy this team from Cohen?

Vic has a point. Also, maybe Cohen wants JM to shave off $3M in salary because he knows the team won't make the playoffs; Cohen will have a good excuse to fire JM and his guaranteed contract?

you play the bengals again - that should be good for another win. lol

Can we trade Bouw already? What is the point of risking him to injury? Lets trade this asset and then we can do our best to dump the rest of the dead weight near the trade deadline. Finishing last and having the best chance at the number 1 pick could be the best thing for this franchise. Unfortunately, with JM he could skip Tavares for Hedman :(

hockeyd00d, with JBo gone, we'll need Hedman.

Hahaha, the Panthers take a team that's ahead of them in the standings lightly?!? HAHAHAHAHA, funniest thing I've heard this week.

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