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Jacques Martin talks Wade Belak

JacquesJust got done speaking with JM regarding the Wade Belak situation and here's what we got: JM has 30 days to decide what to do with Belak, and that includes sending him to Rochester.

I honestly don't see him doing that. Belak isn't a 22-year-old kid; he's a veteran with a family. But he could. JM says Wade is going to meet with Pete DeBoer in the morning to determine what's next. So, we'll just wait and see. I think Pete's going to tell him "scorers score, fighters need to fight'' and that's the end of it.

Here's what JM had to say:

"We put him on waivers and he cleared. He'll meet with Pete tomorrow. It basically doesn't change anything. We have 30 days , whether we want to send him to the American League or he gets back playing.''

Surprised he wasn't picked up?

"I think it's an indication a lot of teams are watching the dollars.''

Hesitant to send a veteran to Rochester?

"That's part of the human aspect. But as a team, we have a responsibility. You have to look at all the angles.''

Bigger move coming?

"I'm always trying to improve the team and I think when you look at our club, right now we have a stretch at home. We're 4-3 in seven home games and we have three big games.''

Deciding factor on Wade staying with Panthers?

"We don't have a lot of extra people around here. We'll see.''

Wakeup call for Belak and team?

"Definitely it's an indication that if we don't start winning, we could do other things.''

-- Forgot about the toy drive kicking off next month. Panthers are teaming up with the Marines and the Toys-for-Tots program. You can leave unwrapped toys at the front gates for the kiddies. Doesn't start until next month. Will post the game dates when I get them from the team. Again, another good cause. Appreciate all of you who help out.


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Watching tonight's Panthers game on TV they showed Bobby Orr sitting with Lou Lamoriello of the Devils up in the press box. It could be nothing or it could be something. I believe he still represents a few Panthers, including Horton and Stewart. He also represents Staal, who is playing against the Panthers. Lamoriello could be there just to watch a game and do some general scouting, or he could be there for a reason - and Orr's presence could be connected (or not). Any thoughts, George?

I would have liked to hear Martin's comments on the rumor that he was talking to the Sens about a deal.

Lamiriello was there because the Devils are in town for Wednesday.

Nice win tonight, I am happy that they did not fold after the 2 goal blown lead.

In closing


I hope Belak can feel good about being a panther again, if he plays. They really used him as an example and he's more valuable than a few players I can think of - mostly forwards! I hope he stays - but still think there were other good choices to put on waivers.

I think Belak would be back in the lineup now that Zednik is out. We should park him in front of the net on the power play.

The team played more physical tonight than the normally do. Horton is much more "in the game" when he is hitting people. Stewart needs to get more time and Dvorak and MacClean less. They have no offensive skill whatsoever. Stewart is better off playing in the AHL on the top line than getting 8 minutes a night up here with the big club.

Trade Bouw NOW! What are we waiting for?!?! If he gets injured I will cry.

Belak wasn't used as an example. They wanted another team to pickup his contract. He still could be traded however with Zednik injured he could replace him, Belak has only 3 less goals than Zednik in much less ice time. DeBoer needs to give him some ice time, he has as many goals as McLean who is a plus minus -6.

A good effort except for first 5 minutes of the 2nd period.This team is so inconsistent but they did hustle tonite.When they blow a lead they usually end up losing in regulation or in overtime so I guess this is progress.Why Martin wasted the Sawgrass Express the first 18 games is beyond logic.Booth is the real deal and I think Frolik may actually mature into a good player.

The Panthers showed up and played with grit. Most importantly they didn't run scared when they had that terrible lapse in the beginning of the second period. For the most part they closed down the Staal, Whitney machine with very aggressive play on everyone's part behind and in front of the net. All our goals were on hard earned possessions either carrying up from our zone, but mostly digging down deep. The boys sacrificed their bodies on the boards and played extremely well down low where they took several big checks from Carolina defense.
I like Stewart's jump even though he doesn't see much ice time, not afraid to shoot and goes to the net. Frolik is improving and may be a factor in time. Good game for the Panthers and especially the fans who came out tonight. A rare gritty win against are arch rival, very satisfying!

Good win. However, Panthers are still a lousy team. Attendance is beginning to be commensurate with team's ability. Empty building tonight fits well with how the team is playing. That second period, first five minutes, showed how poorly this team really is.
Please fire Martin. He is worse than bad. Team is so lousy on offense that it seems extremely unlikely we will even be close in the run for the playoffs. DeBoer pressing players who are just mediocre is a waste of his time and energy. If he thinks he has even one star on this team he is kidding himself.

I'm a season seat holder who doesn't drink the punch. This team has changed a lot over the past years. New players both young and old come and go. But two things remain constant: No Play-offs and Jacques Martin. I know Alan doesn't read this, but in the business world a manager who misses his target 6 years in a row doesn't get transferred or reassigned, he gets fired.

Benching a guy because he doesn't fight, is just one example of Martin's failure to manage effectively and there are many more. I mean, you get 5 minutes (minimum) for a fight. Belak is averaging less than 4 minutes a game. So you're asking a guy to go on the ice, pick a fight (now another instigator penalty) and sit out for 1 minute longer than he actually plays? He's a bruser, but he's not stupid.

Look just because he's in charge doesn't mean knows what he's doing. I mean Hank Paulsen and Ben Bernanke keep flip-flopping on how to save the economy. Clearly the market is showing a lack of confidence in them--and they've only been working on this mess for a few months...Martin has had 6 years. SIX YEARS!!! Other teams have gone from last place to the Stanley Cup Finals in less time.

Martin, looking for a change? Don't look too far beyond your own nose!

I'm with King Blabber on this one, the team actually showed grit and yes it was a great kick save at the end that stopped this game from going to overtime.

Saying that, it is still clear that there is a lack of talent in this organization. We need more players willing to go to the net, two goals because of hustle and traffic in front, we need to do this more and the wins will come.

Look at the teams ahead of us and you see a majority of teams that we should be able to play with, the difference between winning and losing for this majority of teams is hustle and traffic in front, the teams that don't hustle and have traffic in front end up losing

Yes, JM the GM still needs to go and Cohen still needs a hockey person to oversee the operation

As far as Bobby Orr being in the building he also represents Bouwmeester and Lamoriello was there because NJ is in Florida, they played in Tampa on Sunday and they play us on Wednesday.

Good game last night in the 1st and 3rd periods. I didn't recognize them. Finally Peltonen made a difference. It's about time!

Unfortunately, McLean is one of our only centers. He would be utterly useless if he were a winger. Why did JM sign this guy to 3 years?

A 3rd line consisting of Belak, Campbell, and Stewart would be pretty tough- don't remember if Campbell is a center or not.

Campbell was a center out of the minors, yes.

I read that the Oilers were very close to claiming Belak, then pulled back b/c of the 2 year deal. Money is a big factor these days as it is an even bigger factor with this team.

With Zeds going down, this is an opportunity for Stewart to really step up. The guy has talent, but reminds of Horton - you just wonder where the heart is at times.

As a lover of all things Belak...I can't believe my Leafs didn't pick him back up.

Since that didn't happen though...FLORIDA needs to get their heads out of their backsides. Why is Belak not fighting? Bum shoulder? Lack of ice time? Realizing he still doesn't want to stick up for McCabe?

JM needs to go asap. That is clear.

If I recall correctly, Stewart and Horton got into a fight in juniors and Stewart broke Nate's jaw. Stewart's a tough kid...PDeB ought to demand that Stewart park his butt in front of the net like Dino Cicarrelli. Maybe more ice time now that Zednik is out?

I just went to Panther site and watched the GROWL TV interview with Belak.

My gut reaction - I want to pop JM in the mouth.

JM is spineless not to give Wade the heads up, and to let his family go through that for 48 hours instead of the usual 24.

Yeah it's business, but not to this guy as an example. Bad leadership by JM.

Fire Jacque Martin..and give DeBoer due notice...this franchise has suffered through almost 90+months with no playoff appearances. The management needs to wake up and realize that in these tough economic times fans are no longer going to support lackluster performance and management indifference. The home games lack any fan incentives and these fans are in need of some good hockey and re tired of bad expereinces.

This team constantly alienates it's players, just off the top of my head there was- Parrish, Husesilus, Hagman, Louie, Bouwy, Olli, Horton. These are all players the ownership has "outed" as difficult players or cancers in the locker room. Yet when they get to new teams they excel and everybody thinks they're great guys. The problem can't possibly be ALL the players, it's the ownership, management and coaching. Husesilus and Hagman are particularly interesting because they were absolute "dogs" here and instantly became high scoring key players as soon as they were traded. So they instantly became talented overnight?? Players are treated BADLY by this team and their play shows it. Peltonen has been useless all season suddenly JM and PDeB throw a Molotov cocktail into the dressing room, Belak is out, Olesz is benched. Suddenly Peltonen comes out and plays his best game ever with the Panthers and scores like he's Bure. Obviously the players have more talent and skill than they play with every night. The players don't show it and don't care because they hate the ownership and management of the team they play for and that comes back to Cohen, Yormark and JM.

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