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LIVE! From Hollywood, it's Late Night with the Cats

HollywoodLOS ANGELES -- Good evening night owls, welcome to another edition of LIVE! On Frozen Pond. Tonight the Panthers take on the homestanding Kings in front of what should be an electric crowd. Honestly, there may be 100 people in the building right now for the warm-up skate.

And the televisions outnumber the media members in the press box, which is good for G because I get to watch the Brownies take down (I hope) the Broncos.

Don't fumble!

Anyway, no new updates from the previous post. Rostislav Olesz is out with the shoulder, Noah Welch is out with the scratch.

Will be back in a little bit, hope to get Goldie up here to do a little play-by-blog.

Browns up 13. Got my fingers crossed.

-- As beat writer for the Panthers, I know a little something about bad crowds. This one has a chance to be one of the worst I have ever seen.


-- We've kicked this thing off here at the Forum, Browns' lead down to 3....

--Browns' D stinks...we have our first penalty, Frolov for tripping midway through the first...let's see if this FLA power play is any better than it's been...

-- Panthers get a big chance although Frolik didn't get anything on his shot...Kings almost get a short-handed goal but TVo made a nice save.,.


-- Panthers have a whopping three shots on goal with just over two minutes left...no shots since the power play...


--Welcome back Bryan McCabe; two minutes for tripping at 17:49....LAK on the PP....


-- Is it effort, or a complete lack of talent? This is pathetic hockey right here kids....

-- Panthers are going into the room with three shots....if you like watching guys skate around in circles, this game is for you....Looks like Soup Campbell trying to get something going in the corner...it's broken up...


After another uneventful period, Florida still trail 2-0...three more shots for the visitors from Florida!

This is brutal, brutal, brutal hockey.

I will check and see if anyone -- aside from Campbell, Ballard, Vokoun and Weiss -- have a pulse after this one.

If Florida plays like this in the third, changes have to be made. Tonight. JM needs to wake some of his peers up and see if he can do something. If not, dial up the waiver wire.



--I'm going back to work, been fun chatting it up. It's 3-1 Kings and I got a ton of work to do.

Will check in tomorrow from OlliWood -- otherwise known as Phoenix.


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Hope you get some sort of entertainment from the Fooosball game. This team stinks.

Are we having fun yet? What will you possibly ask this team after the game George? What a waste of your time.

I have seen every Panther game since 1994. This was the worst I have ever seen this team play. The score was not indicative of the total domination leveled by the Kings, a mediocre team at best. Even when the Panthers have been blown out there has been some positives in those games...this was downright ugly. For over seven years we have been fed the same BS about patience and building. Well you can begin rebuilding, again because this team is awful. As I mentioned previously the team problems are simple...lack of talent. Take Washington for example, The top three players on the Caps include, Ovechkin, Semin, Federov. We don't even have one player that measures up to that type of player. Since the days of Bure we have lacked the type of player/skater who can take over a game ( maybe, Olli) While Horton is a good player he is not even close to being dominating or display the potential. I may be venting but even the new D which had given me hope prior to the season smelled like an old, sweaty hockey glove. Trade, Trade, Trade and get some players in here. For starters Bo has to go he doesn't want to be here and it shows; well good riddance and best of luck. If the rumors about Kovalchuck are true then that would be a great start Bo and take your pick ( mclean, zednick, dvorak,peltonen,Kreps,Frolik). I'd keep Booth,Stewart,Stillman and get as much as I can for Horton...Other than that everyone is expendable. Bring some youngsters up ( Matthias) and start building for next season. I hope I'm wrong.

HP you are not wrong except I would keep Frolik.

Horton and Weiss are not youngsters anymore. DeBoer quoted as saying there are too many players to bench for lack of effort.

I would keep Allen, Boynton, Ballard, Booth and Frolik everyone else needs to go.

It is a combination of lack of talent and lack of effort. For way too long the players are quoted as saying we have to give effort and need to look in the mirror and the coach says too many people to bench for lack of effort.

LA had lost 6 in a row and was shut out twice in that span. Both LA and Atlanta considered the bottom feeders and we make them look like world beaters

We can't look to Rochester for too much help either as they are 1-9

It is important to get one of the first 2 picks in the upcoming draft.

Trade J-Bo for a Center and a 1st round pick.

Check the Panthers web site and review the draft history of this franchise and you can count on one hand the times they drafted the right player with their first pick.

Someone really needs to look and see if it is ownership, scouting or the GM or all of the above.

DeBoer should bench Horton against Phoenix to show this country club that no one is above being held accountable for effort.

The one athlete I can compare Horton to is A-Rod all the talent in the world and it comes out when the pressure is off, when the pressure is on he disappears.

Thankfully I couldn't watch the game.

Hey, isn't the youngster Tavares coming up at next year's draft? We need to obtain the top 4 picks to ensure that we win the draft lottery.

Get rid of everyone except David Booth.

To all my loyal Panthers fans

Please call your friends at the front office and tell them that they better do something fast because there are only a few people left that supports them. This team has NO HEART, NO TALENT and NO MANAGEMENT.

6 shots in the first 20 minutes is just pathetic.

Can't wait until Thursday, I will have my own section to myself with my paper bag on my head.

I can't believe JM still has a job today. He has no offense on the Panthers and NONE in the minors, we are going to stink for many more years to come.

Nothing like having your hockey team out of it by Christmas.


231 days till John Tavares

Even here in Rochester, we are calling for the end of the affiliation. These guys don't what in hell they're doing....

FRUSTRATION best defines it and agree with much of HP's sentiments, except Kovalchuk--not the answer....He's just a more talented Horton, and probably more of a cancer than the $$$ he would cost.

I still support JM for now, but his back is to the wall, and he has to try to make something of this mess...It would be interesting to see if there is interest in any of our players outside of J-Bo. He is a probably a bit too tight trying to make deals, but he better start making something happen sooner than later...It's getting boring watching this cast of characters, as they clearly don't have chemistry, so try something else. Even if it doesn't work, we are sick of watching these same stiffs...

Don't blame injuries, don't blame Olli, just shake something up and give us some hope...If Horton doesn't have enough trade value, put him back as a winger...Find us a center that can win a face-off...Our strength is in our D, and the PP last night was HORRIBLE....

GR - Ersberg was in goal - NOT Hanna Barbera.

You got it wrong in your article TOO.

We all expect more from you. Don't get lazy like the Panther cubs.

Yep, even I have reached my current breaking point. Whatever talent this team supposedly has has been left in the hotel rooms the last 3 weeks. PdB said he will bring accountability. Well it had better start soon or he too will be looking for a new job before the paint is dry in his current home.

Catfan is now on board with me. THANK YOU!!!!

I hope JM gets fired TODAY and PD keeps his job. PB has NOTHING TO WORK with.

Catfan, u and I need to get a beer!!!

Geez chuck someone needs to get laid. . .

Cat fan and Andy coulndt agree with you more. Pete cannot be held accountable with what he has to work with ... Zednik, Peltonen, Bouwmeester, Dvorak, . e have assets to go get at least two strong ..and I mean strong, not a third liner that scored 20 goals once in his carrer and we all cross our finger that he does it again kind of player. 2 goals a gaame is not going to cut it in this league. The d. looks alright but if we can have forwards that can keep the puck in the ther zone they will have a lot less work. I was at the game last night and it wasent pretty ... Pathetic effort.

thanks chuck...only glanced at the starting lineup and went with labarbera...since there were no shots on goal the whole night, didn't need to pay attention to who was in goal...I fixed it on the website....hopefully that'll update....


I assume it was much worse in person.

Man, how in the world does JM have a job today?

I think everyone's butt should be tradeable not named Booth or Ballard. This team is pathetic. Effort is a fluid and subjective thing, personally I just don't think we have the talent out there.

I don't think Weiss will be ever be a top line center. He was good as a 2nd center behind Jokinen, but now that Olli is gone there is no bona fide scorer. Horton is too streaky and is easily taken out of games - he never creates his own scoring changes like an Olli or Bure.

The only guys I see killing it out there is Ballard and Booth. I wouldn't mind seeing Weiss or Horton traded to light a fire under this team. I mean, beyond Horton and Bouwmeester, who has any higher trade value? Vets like McCabe and Stillman will have value at the deadline, but you need those guys desperately at this point.

I just can't keep watching this horrible games anymore. I got center ice but now I regret it...

This team sucks like i've told you guys all year.

One more observation. I think the addition of Wade Belak last year allowed the team to play with a bit more aggression. It is essential to have a legitimate enforcer than can also contribute the odd goal.

What happened yesterday? Ivanans was allowed to take liberties to which there should have been a response. In addition, it was a great opportunity to send him a message and maybe spark the team. NO WAY THIS HAPPENS IN THE DAYS OF PAUL LAUS...an undersized overacheiver who would take on anyone and always held his own.

We know Belak can handle himself quite well, but its just another indicator of the overall lack of effort.

Despite the young season, losing becomes habitual as does lack of effort if it is not turned around quickly and judging by the last few years it's the same old crap.
This points directly to management and obviously Deboer must be excluded as he hasn't been involved long enough.

After the Dolphins second game blowout by the Arizona cardinals I was leaning towards the same old crap belief also, but their tremendous turnaround gives me a very small glimmer of hope it can be done with our Panthers. A few moves and emphasis on accountability may serve to right this rudderless ship..

Hey GR. Did the Panthers practice today or did they get the day off after that fantastic effort last night?

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