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Protest in Hollywood

LOS ANGELES -- Live in Southern California where all the news surrounds a large protest in Hollywood.

Apparently some here aren't happy the Florida Panthers are in town.

That, or folks are upset the Dodgers declined to pick up Brad Penny's option and they figure the Marlins are going to make a run at him.

Jacques Martin has no comment on the protest, although the Panthers have people in the middle of the action offering 'Prop 8' packages where you can get eight games, eight hot dogs and eight sodas for a discounted price.

But only if you voted against California's Prop 8, which is why these outraged citizens have taken to the streets in the first place. Apparently it passed yesterday (banning same-sex marriages) and some are really, really mad.

I love LA.

- On a serious note, I hear the Panthers are close to dropping the $25 fee for big games. Stay tuned.

- In other local news, the Lakers beat the Clippers. But that's not really news...

- Going to pay a visit to the Rose Bowl tomorrow. Larry Coker's favorite place.


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They may drop the 25.00 extra charge, wow, what a surprise. Never saw that coming!! LOL, another great decision that was. At this point the should be lucky anyone goes to the games for cheap or free.

GR- keep the blog focused on hockey.

BTW- I read somewhere that JM was thinking about making some trades because his team is underperforming. Have you heard anything specific?

great interview yesterday on xm radio with Bill Clement

Said he is impressed with Coach Peter De Boer.

Said what we all see with our own eyes that the biggest problem is that there are players who take too many days off (specifically he said Horton) he also questioned the long term contracts of players that are the foundation but have under performed their whole NHL career, Horton, Weiss and Olesz.

It is interesting that De Boer gave them the day off after the Atlanta game, while in Washington the coach cancelled the day off and worked their butts off after a lack luster performance.

Until the country club ends in South Florida the Panthers will be what they are a talented but underperforming team.

I will take 19 David Booths any day over 19 Nathan Hortons

It is time for us to admit our draft mistakes, Horton, Weiss, Stewart to name a few

Horton just needs someone to motivate him. remember Jokinen before Keenan. Deboer needs to kick his ass into shape and start benching him if he dosent perform. eve all seen him when he wants to play ...he can be a hell of a player.

Horton is lazy? A few weeks ago before the season he said he wouldn't be lazy anymore.

Olesz is a crap player, sorry.

Booth is awesome, that must mean the countdown for his exit is now on.


This is what out future is.

Read this article and please give feedback to how they feel about JM.

I have been telling people all along. JM has nobody in Rochester to call up either. They stink also

ARR -- I'm one of the fans watching the games in Rochester. I had hopes the Panthers were going to be a boost for the Amerks but it hasn't happened. the guys are giving it their all but we don't have any scoring talent and our big FA acquisition G is Beckford-Tseu and he's kinda crappy. We had Andy here for the 06-07 season so we know what we're missing.

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