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Tuesday's Update ... Stillman Out ... Others, In

Vote Big news out of practice today was that Cory Stillman's facial injuries are more serious than expected as he has a concussion and is going to miss the three-game West Coast trip.

The good news is that Stephen Weiss, Bryan McCabe and Gregory Campbell were back out there participating fully. All three should be back on Thursday. That's good news for this team that, as you may have read somewhere else, needs at least four out of six points on this trip.

More bad news: Rostislav Olesz practiced almost the entire time, but left early because of a shoulder injury. Don't know how serious the injury is, but we'll be keeping an eye on it.


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Hey George--

Please ask JM why he wasn't interested in either Mark Parrish and/or Michel Ouellet?? These are signings that you have nothing to lose, and only to gain...Parrish is paid $500k and $100k if he is sent down. Ouellet($650k) was on re-entry waivers, where you can take a chance on a player at half their salary....These are players that have experience and prior success in the NHL. It seems like a no-brainer to gamble on one or both of these guys. I'd rather have these guys than 4 or 5 of the guys we keep trying to rehash(Zednik, Peltonen, Kreps, Stewart, etc..)---Cut your losses and give someone else a chance....

Gotta agree with Slapshot there. It's not like they have a ton of guys waiting in Rochester. They could've added one of them and sent Frolik to Rochester so he can play 1st line minutes there.

Now we lose Stillman - our most consistent player and top scorer?!? Ugh. We're already 29th in the league in scoring as it iis. It just keeps getting better and better for the kittens...

wow the panthers make me hate life year after year and it doesnt look good

slapshot, Martin cannot pick up every friggin contract he sees. You need to be careful as a GM, its actual REAL money. I still agree he should have gone after Parrish, but just because a guy is waived does not mean its as simple as picking a guy up, they need that money.

And GR, this sounds like the same old Panther injury crap. Im so sick of this.

JM should have offered a contract to Mark Parrish. Hey, I understand JM not wanting to pick up his $3M salary while he was with the Wild, but c'mon man, $500k? That's almost league minimum....and this with Stillman sustaining a head inury!

We should try to acquire a quality offensemen by dumping salary elsewhere (i.e. Peltonen, Zednik, and Dvorak). McLean has little value but only because he's a centerman. Otherwise, he's a dud too with his $1.75M contract!

I don't blame JayBo for wanting to leave.

I'm kinda glad that FoxSports doesn't show all the games.

Yes I realize this is REAL money being spent, so my point is to take your chances when they make sense....Maybe Parrish and-or Oullet are washed up, maybe not, but at those prices, it's worth the gamble. And please stop using injuries as an excuse. Allen's not worthy of his contract, McCabe is here because we were stuck with VanRyn's contract. Yes Weiss and Campbell were hurt for a few, now Stillman, but every team has injuries to deal with....We were lucky over the last few years as Olli,J-Bo, Vokoun, and Horton were mainly healthy....
I do like JM's moves in the offseason. It's not his fault, just the hand he was dealt. But at some point, you need to try to get rid of dead weight. Some of our players may be good on other team's that have grinders to go in and dig out the puck. Many times a change of scenery does good for both teams. One of our major problem is we don't have enough grit or grinders willing to dig it out. Changes should be made because we don't have the right mix...I realize they don't want to spend a lot of $$$$, so he better be careful how he spends it...

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