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Richard Zednik Injures Elbow ... Score Ville Peltonen's second goal to Gregory Campbell ... Florida Panthers 3, Carolina Hurricanes 2

RichardzednikBad news out of the Florida Panthers' 3-2 win over Carolina on Monday as Richard Zednik injured his left elbow after being run into the boards during the second period.

Zednik came out of the locker room Monday night with his elbow bandaged up saying it's going to be a while before he returns to the lineup. Pete DeBoer said it was a substantial injury, in that he would be out in terms of weeks.

-- About 25 minutes after the game, NHL officials came over and officially credited Gregory Campbell with his third goal of the season as they took Ville Peltonen's third goal of the season away. Ville knew it was coming, joking he had the goal on paper but that paper can be torn up.

Peltonen's shot apparently clipped Campbell on its way into the net. Couldn't tell on the high-def televisions (think 19 inch Sharps that ain't all that sharp) we have up here high above the Bank.

-- Wade Belak was back with his teammates tonight and was in the locker room after the game. He has a meeting scheduled with PDeB in the morning.

For those who want to go out to Incredible Ice tomorrow (I'll be smacking around some golf balls), PDeB says practice will start between 11 and 11:30. Team has a meeting at the Bank at 10 before they all head over there in a parade of luxury cars (save for Bouwmeester's Chevy truck and Booth's Ford Explorer) up the Sawgrass.


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Get well soon Zednik. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Who was that team in the 1st and 3rd periods? Wow, good last night...finally! That's the way they ought to play...with a sense of urgency and pep in their step. I guess it's DeB's job to make sure they play like that every period of every game!

GR- please update us on Belak as soon as your hear something from his meeting with the team today.

zednik is the most useless player on the roster. hes not an asset hes a liability. While im not happy hes injured im rejoycing over the fact that he wont be on our roster for several weeks...at least whoever fills in for him will put 2 hands on his stick!!!!

Zedz just can't get a break...or a goal scored for that matter.

Calling Zednik "useless" is a bit much, but I do agree he and a few others(Kreps, Pelts, D vorak,etc) are not the right fit for this team. They are probably players that would be better if they played on a team with more TALENT, like Hagman, but don't fit well on this type team. It was pretty much another "Must Win" last night. They did the job and I give them credit, but they can't keep putting themselves into those situations....

NJ is another "Must Win" and splitting with the Rangers would give some hope, but that's probably asking a lot from this group....Hopefully Stillman gets back soon, and even if they do win a couple this week, JM still needs to be active and make something happen SOON. The Belak thing was uncalled for, and I'm sure JM would be happy if we got nearer to 500, but we want action and deserve some changes here....J-Bo needs to go if he won't resign here, and stop risking losing him to INJURY. Give him an ultimatum, Sign or GO!!!

GR, anything on the meeting between Belak and DeBoer?

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