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A French Connection ... Montreal Canadiens at Florida Panthers ... Game 'Completely' Sold Out ... Rostislav Olesz Skates

MrfrenchThe Canadiens are in town, and so are their fans.

Tonight's game at the Big Billboard in Sunrise is said to be completely sold out, and that includes standing room only in the press box (which sees more and more jersey-clad fans by the game.)

FSN isn't showing tonight's game because of the idiotic Versus exclusive. Poor FSN; instead of hockey, they get Virginia Tech-Charleston Southern basketball. I know I can't wait to watch that.

So if you don't have a ticket and are going to watch tonight's game on Center Ice, hope your French is up to snuff. The only network covering tonight's game is Canada's RDS -- and they don't broadcast in Spanish.

See you on the radio.

-- Rostislav Olesz skated today for the first time since injuring his groin about three weeks ago. Spoke to him briefly as he was leaving the arena and he said it didn't feel perfect, but it was good enough. He's never had a groin injury before, he says, and wouldn't commit to a one-week time line for a return. He's going to take it slow and see how things go.

-- Kamil Kreps' shoulder injury sounds pretty severe, although nothing is broken or anything like that. Don't expect him back until the middle of January.

-- Word out of New York is the Isles are shopping Doug Weight and looking for a few draft picks in return. Wonder if the Panthers are looking that way...


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Doug weight we would be a great pick up for us i believe

Do the Panthers ever look at big names like Weight? He could certainly help out center situation especially with Kreps going down.

I'm thinking if you're a center-ice customer, you can watch the feed and tune into that nut case Moller, and the Blond Bomber.

radio is a good idea...only there's like an eight second delay...

ok, here's the ultimate. If you don't have tickets.

If you have, or know someone with center-ice, you can watch the feed and listen to the game off of the 790theticket.com website from your computer or lap top. They broadcast in real time, yes if you listen on radio, you'll get the "infamous" seven second delay.

This is the best you can do without having a ticket. Personally, I'd rather have had the ticket but it wasn't offered in my package..that's another debate for another day. However, I DO KNOW WHY it wasn't in my "BIG" game package. Probably has to do with all the Montreal fans who didn't buy a season ticket package from the florida panthers but will pay for the game out of their pockets. That's more doe-ray-me in the organizations pocket. why give me the game when they can sell it to the visitors.

good tips from mr. obvious...and he's absolutely right about the package...this game is always a sellout...

My French is not up to snuff but all I need is the players names making the play. That said no offense to Goldie or Potin but sometimes it is good to turn off the sound put on some music and enjoy the game without people talking over the action.

Randy and Billy do a good job at broadcasting.

With respect to the panthers, let's hope Randy yells out with his loudest voice "il le tire marque".

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