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Andy Hits the Road ... Craig Anderson to Get Sixth Straight Start ... Janis Sprukts, Kenndal McArdel back to Rochester

Andykaufman Just a quick note before deadline beckons: Pete DeBoer just announced that Craig Anderson will start again Monday in Ottawa.

When I asked him if this means Andy is the new starter here (this will be his sixth straight start), PDeB says the Panthers are lucky to have two starters, and that he is only being fair to Andy.

DeB continued, saying if Tomas Vokoun had just gone through the stretch Andy did, he would go back to Vokoun after he lost. PDeB also added tonight's game wasn't lost because of goaltending.

''We could have played for three more days and not scored a goal,'' he said.

Andy in Ottawa earlier this season: 42 shots, 41 saves; FLA 3, OTT 1

-- Kenndal McArdel and Janis Sprukts are going back to the AHL, at least for a day or two. Both could be back for Monday's game at Ottawa. Unless JM has a trade in the works. Let the rumors begin! Or, at least, continue....


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Absolutely ridiculous, in my opinion. Anderson let in arguably three weak goals tonight. He should not get the start in Ottawa. Vokoun is getting the short end of the stick for no reason.

Trade Vokoun and Bouw to Ottawa for Spezza and Gerber. The salaries match, you can dump Gerber in the off-season as an UFA for a cheaper goalie and Spezza's 7 year-7 mil per year contract is the contract JM was willing to give Jaybo.

Denis Potvin said it best, DeB was feeling the injuries and undermanned. Looks like the CPR line needed some life support. For all those that complain of Horton's work ethic, Panthers are a much better team when he is in the line-up. What is the status of Horton, Booth and Stillman? Any chance one of them plays in Ottawa?

Heya GR, sorry this is coming so late. After the Bruis game there was alot of talk about no one stepping up to "protect" Anderson after the Bruins player ran over him. Shouldnt someone have gone after a Bruins player to send the message that that kind of sh@t wont be tolerated.

Or do you believe like I do that there are still 2 more meetings between the 2 teams and that the receipt can be delivered at a later time when it might have more meaning rather than at the end of a then 3-0 game. Whats your opinion, and can you ask some of the guys in the room about it?

I'm not sure if this is completely the case, but in response to CatFan's question about the B's player running into Anderson - were you referring to the collision that caused Anderson to go down and then be pulled by Deboer? if so, that player was Patrice Bergeron who actually suffered a terrible concussion last season that he's only recently recovered from. The collision with Anderson (to me) looked accidental and while watching the game, it seemed as though the closest Panther D-man actually came to the aid of Bergeron-I'm just assuming he recognized it was Bergeron and was concerned knowing his history (which was a sign of great sportmanship). At the same time, Andy went down and it took a few moments before the trainers rushed over to him! It was a scary incident and I hope both players are all right... and incidentally, that the Panthers beat the Bruins in their remaining meetings(!)

Though I'd love to see him here, I don't think Spezza is going anywhere. Not even for Bouwmeester. I don't think the Sens can afford to part with him and the offense he generates (or should be generating).

I also wonder whether or not Jacques can or will make any deal with Ottawa. There has been talk for some time that hard feelings between the two organizations (mostly as far as Jacques is concerned) has stymied any potential deals. But the Sens do need a good puck moving defenseman and Jay does fit the bill.

But one of the prime trading partners could be Toronto, especially with Burke having taken over. It seems to be expected that he will move quickly to put his own stamp on that team and move away from the direction set so far by Fletcher.

The better question, however, is whether or not Jay's trade value will change at all between now and mid-January, which is when they can "officially" negotiate with him and sign him to a new deal. If there is any glimmer of hope that he will sign here, it seems to make sense to wait just a few weeks more, particularly if there will be no appreciable negative change in his trade value.

Any thoughts, George?

Spezza is not the type of player to build your team around. Yes, he is more talented than many, and certainly anyone on the Panthers, but he does NOT make players with average talent around him better....He plays very well with Alfie and Heatley, but when they tried playing him on a different line, it didn't work out. Alfie is a great player that can play with others. Spezza is one of those highly-skilled guys that puts up great numbers in the regular season, but folds over in the playoffs, due to the physicality and teams actually playing defense....Alfie, especially for his size, is far superior in my opinion. And if I had my choice, I'd take Alfie @ $5mil anyday over Spezza and his $7mil....Moves like these would cost this team, as we would be spending way too much $$$$ if we were to try to get Spezza, compared to the positives he would bring.....

Basically, like Kovalchuk and/or Gaborik, these guys are just more talented Nathan Hortons--nice talent, but not good team players....For a team that is cash-strapped as the Panthers, these are not moves for this team to make. They need to make trades for good quality team guys and/or package deals, so hopefully you can make a 3 for 1 or 3 for 2 trade and improve the depth of your total roster, so we can trim some of the guys that shouldn't be playing here...Then, hopefully you hit on one of your draft picks, and they blend to improve the team to reach Playoff Success.....

Slapshot - I think the problem the Sens had with playing him on those other lines was more of a reflection of their lack of real talent below their very top players. Most of those guys they paired him with are not much better than what the Panthers have right now.

Actually, the Panthers did have very good center who did make guys like McLean, Stumpel and Zednik look much better than they are - his name was Olli Jokinen. Just goes to show how good Olli is. Put him on the Sens with guys like Heatley and Alfie and Olli's numbers would be huge.

Olli was a nice player, but not the right fit for this team. Not a knock against Olli, but we needed leadership and guys to buy into a two-way system. He logged a ton of minutes as we had no other talent. He gets his points, but is much better on a team like Phoenix, where he doesn't have to be the CAPT, and a team with LEGITIMATE up and coming talent...

It's not that Olli is lazy like Horton, it was just time for him to move on. It was getting stale, and we got hopefully as good a return as we could...Ballard is a stud, Boynton a nice role player. Yes I agree we need major scoring, but spending all your money chasing high-priced, overpaid players is not the way I would go....Once again, it comes down to lack of grit and talent....We draft these pretty-boys that look good on a poster, but they get too spoiled here in the South Fl lifestyle. Try drafting some hard-nosed guys that aren't afraid to crash and bang, with talent....That way, even if they don't live up to their label, they can work hard and fit into a hard-working team system. Yes I know it's hard drafting guys at such a young age, but we should seriously start questioning our talent EVALUATORS....and the IMAGE that we are trying to establish.....

Slap - the biggest difference between the team right now and the team we've seen in recent seasons is that they are playing both WITH and FOR each other - as well as playing for their coach. It's something that wasn't seen with either Jacques or Iron Mike behind the bench. As important as his new systems, tactics and strategy, DeBoer has instilled a different attitude in this team. They want to play hard for him, not because they fear him (the way they feared Keenan), and not because he has Jacque's mythical background of having built the Sens, but simply because they believe in him, trust him and think he has their best interests at heart. While I agree that it might have been best for Olli to lose the C, we'll never know if Olli could have fit into this current group and given his all for DeBoer. I think he could have. But, it's hard to argue with the fact that this team looks like a tighter knit group than we've seen in recent years. That goes a long way in team sports like hockey.

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