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Back in Florida ... Tomas Vokoun to Start Sunday vs. Colorado ... Randy Moller Makes The Herald ... Denis Potvin Opens Facility

Vokoun2It's good to be home and the Panthers will be home for a little bit now. Much deserved. After playing five straight road games, the Panthers will now play their next five within the friendly confines of the Sunshine State, with four of those games -- including the next three -- in Sunrise (where the sun meets the ice).

Pete 'Pete' Pelegrin covered today for me so I could let the good folks at Jet Blue get me home. Pete DeBoer says he's going back to Tomas Vokoun after he played well in Carolina last night. So that's two straight starts and three of four for Vokoun.

PDeB says Rostislav Olesz still hasn't started practicing and is going to have an MRI to see what's up with his injury. Doesn't sound good. Will see if I can get an update of some sort tomorrow at IncredibleIce (10:30, open to the public).

-- Don't know if you saw this, but Barry Jackson writes about Randy Moller and his association with the Dan LeBatard Show. Pretty good stuff. Was listening to Dan today (had to go to Miami after the airport. Stopped at the Orange Bowl. Still sad.) and was cracking up at all the Moller calls. I had only heard the 'make me a bicycle clown!' line during the San Jose game.

Check out the story here...

I know the folks in Canada who listen to games on XM get a kick out of the different lines he uses after goals. Like Barry, I think the calls are all in good fun and may even be helping their ratings. Good for them. And Randy.

-- Speaking of Florida announcers, Denis Potvin and some of his buddies are holding the grand opening of their new hockey training facility on Saturday morning in Deerfield Beach.

Denis The facility is called Total Hockey of Florida, and is geared to up-and-coming hockey players. They have a lot of good off-ice stuff, and is one of the few places down here to cater to the hockey player. Some of the stuff they have here would be benifical to athletes in all sports, I would think.

Anyway, check out their site here. A few players will be there tomorrow for the grand opening. And I assume Denis will be there too. You can ask him about his playing days and all those years with the New York Rangers.

Save the emails. That was a joke.


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Potvin was a great defensman, no doubt, but Ranger fans will never forgive him for cheap shot on Ulf Niilson.

Vokoun got the point last night - he played great and kept us in the game until we tied it up in the 3rd. Maybe he's finally woken up.

Nice to see Potvin opening up a place up here..

Might check it out tomorrow since its only a few minutes away...

then again, i'm up at 2AM.. so...

When the Panthers first started Denis had a shop on Federal Highway, I still have my original panther jerseys that I purchased from him, Denis and I still joke about the names and number holding up on the back.

Let's see if we can fill the joint tomorrow and get the Panthers moving up in the standings as we get closer to seeing what JayBo is going to do.

This will be the biggest decision that we have; it can make or break this franchise (look at Atlanta last year with Hossa and what happened they were battling for a playoff spot when they realized they could not sign him and they made a good trade for the future).

The difference between Atlanta and the Panthers is that Atlanta made the playoffs once in that last eight years.

With Atlanta and Tampa struggling we need to take advantage.

Unlike Atlanta, I hope we are not gearing this season to make the playoffs get swept and then fade again. We need to continue to build this team for the long term with a goal of winning the Cup and not to make the playoffs

Cats are in a decent position to make a little run here at home....They've taken an awkward way of getting here, but now they have to try to get some points at home to show whether or not they belong in the Top 8... Not to put pressure on them, but it's kind of like no time like the present....Only one guy is injured, so if they can't do it now, then they will have to explore other opportunities... I'm not sure if I can remember the last time they've been this close--it seems like they make some runs, but are always a 5-game winning streak away....So here's their chance, let's see if they're ready to respond??

jh - not a cheap shot at all by Potsie on the wimpy Ulf. Clean hit along the boards. If you want to talk cheap shots how about what Nicky Fotiu and Barry Beck used to do to the Boss. They used to beat him up and down the ice, till Gillies would step in and pound Fotiu. Only problem was the Boss was tougher than Ulfie.

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