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Beautiful Day in the 'Capital' ... Michal Repik, Tanner Glass In ... Kenndal McArdel, Janis Sprukts Out ... Six (including Nathan Horton, David Booth and Richard Zednik) Practice ...

OttawaKANATA, Ontario -- Greetings from the tropical city some tell me is the Capital of Canada. I always thought the Capital City was Red Deer, but I guess that's what I get for taking all of my Canadian history from Randy Moller.

It's a beautiful day here, supposed to get above zero at some point. It's only minus-3 right now, so hopefully a warming trend pops up and we get to thaw out a bit. And for you metric system folks out there, when I talk temperatures, I'm talking in Fahrenheit, not Celsius. I don't know what the temp is in Celsius, but it's a lot worse than minus-3 I can tell you that with much confidence.

Anyway, I am bundled up, have my Ed Reed-issued Nike football gloves on and a 'toque' a friend bought for me in Miami a few years ago. Of course, we call them 'ski caps' back hope, but I ain't going skiing. Thinking about a movie. And another cup of coffee.

-- The Panthers have recalled Tanner Glass and Michal Repik for tonight's game after sending Kenndal McArdel and Janis Sprukts back to Rochester after Saturday's game against Boston. Glass has been here before and knows the deal; tonight will mark Repik's NHL debut.

And thanks to PR guru Justin Copertino for this nugget: Repik will be the fourth Panther to make his NHL debut with the Cats this season. Repik joins Michael Frolik, Jason Garrison and McArdel.

Congrats to all of them.

-- More from Ottawa after the morning skate. At Scotiabank now, just getting warmed up.

Not literally, of course.

-- Nothing much out of practice, except that just about everyone was out there today. Nathan Horton worked out, as did Richard Zednik, David Booth, Cory Stillman and even Cory Murphy.

Rostislav Olesz is not on the trip.

Zednik looks really good out there shooting the puck, although Pete DeBoer says he "fell" during a practice last week which set him back a bit. Nate didn't look like he was skating all that gingerly despite the deep cut, but we'll see how he goes tomorrow. Booth was shooting the puck a little bit, but I never saw him pull back and let one rip. Lot of soft, backhanded stuff out of him.

Going to grab some lunch, then a movie. Will be back at Scotia early, will have some Tanner Glass/Michal Repik stuff after that.

Enjoy your day folks.


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Glad to see repik getting a chance to show his stuff.

We like the play of Frolik, maybe Repik will be similiar? With whom will he play, do we know yet?

GR- any truth to the rumor that Nate Horton is being shopped? Also McLean? Maybe talk with your buddy Bruce at the Sun?

Stay warm!

Not that they have very much scoring in Rochester (as it's even bleaker than the Panthers' scoring), but Repik is the team's leader with 6 goals and 8 assists, including 5 on the PP. He also knows about winning, having won the Memorial Cup with Vancouver in 2007. Will be interesting to see how he does at the NHL level, as he has lots of skill. He did have 75 goals and 93 assists in 176 games in the WHL.

They are bringing these kids up to early. Repik does not need to be up right now. The kid is so young, what are they going to accomplish by bringing these kids up.

Don't get me wrong, I think Repik is going to be good and he will probably show it a little bit tonight. The only problem is he will not be up for long so there really is no point to have him here. They made the mistake with Marcus nilson, huselius, and hagman. They gave up on all three, all three turned out to be solid NHL players.

How about Olesz. He is now 21/22 years old and he is getting worse. They brought the kid in here when he was 18. Thats too young and now look at the kid, he's always hurt, and he never produces.

We have no business winning any of these games with this lineup.

They are bringing these guys up to fill the roster because of injuries. If Stillman, Horton, Booth, Zednik and Olesz were healthy Repik wouldn't be in a Panthers jersey tonight. It's injuries, DOH!

Why is Olesz out?

Yes considering the Rochester team isn't having any success, it's probably good that some of these guys get a chance to get a different look at this level.....I saw Repik and others play in pre-season, and yes they are too young and small, so don't expect much. I hope I'm wrong, but none of them impressed me too much--just more over-hyped draft picks by our scouting pros....

So since we can't draft, how about JM makes a solid blockbuster deal tonight to improve our club. My proposition from JM to BM:

Vokoun, J-Bo, and Horton

Gerber, Vermette, Fisher, Schubert, prospect, and a pick

We sign Andy for about $4mil/yr in the offseason. We get grit, skill and potential, get rid of laziness(horton), and spend some of J-Bo's money somewhere else later...

Slapshot - Gerber is OK, nothing special, but Vermette, Fisher and Schubert are more of the same of what the Panthers have now. What they need are proven scorers, first line players, not roster filler. If you trade away those 3 key assets, you need to get someone on the level of a Spezza in the deal - though the Sens probably won't part with him.

Yes I know it was a bit exagerrated, and would never happen. We don't need Gerber, just trying to make the deal work player & cap-wise. It's probably short-changing ourselves a bit, but my point is that we need to make moves to get different talent, as it gets stale watching lazy STIFFS....I have no problem with Vokoun as a player, but from a business perspective, maybe we are better off with 2 above-average goalies. Ride the guy that is hot. Since we as an organization are short on $$$$, spend some of the difference to get some talent, but don't overpay....You have to spend wisely.

J-Bo is a nice talent, but a bit over-rated if you ask me. Make a package deal and move on. I think many of us are getting sick of Horton, so take what you can get, and give us someone that appreciates being hockey player, not just collecting a check and wasting his talent...

I do agree you probably could get more if you traded them separately. My point is that we do need changes--the sooner the better....

Actually -3 Celcius would be corret George.

I've saying this for the past couple of weeks - as Jay Bouwmeester goes, so do the Panthers. He scores a key goal, plays very well on defense and the Panthers win. That's now 13 points in his past 12 games.

Also want to note how good Frolik looks. Very good chemistry with Weiss and it will interesting to see if DeBoer makes a line out of Weiss, Frolik and Booth when Booth gets back from his injury.

The Cats did not deserve to win that game (i.e. 2 non-calls against Campbell, a few lame 3rd period powerless plays) but man, I am sure glad they did!

If 5 regulars weren't in the lineup, you wouldn't see players such as Tanner Glass or Mike Repik. But good for the rookie to score his first NHL goal and for Glass to fight Chris Neil.

It was nice that Weiss actually shot the puck with 9 seconds to go rather than try to pass to someone else.

Again, it was great that we won!

Biggest difference in this team is that they've stopped quitting late in the game. Weiss has become a real leader and it's apparent that the team is rallying behind him. Getting lucky with a few missed calls is one thing, but it's yet another to capitalize on the opportunty presented by those missed calls.

There's a long way to go, but how about a vote for Pete DeBoer for coach of the year if they make the playoffs.

Michal Repik looked great. Good team effort.

the biggest difference is that the forwards are actually in the slot, they are causing traffic in front of the net and then we are getting shots and getting to the rebounds because we are in the slot and are working hard

The hard work started when Horton left in the NJ game,

We need to see what we could get for him even though word is that there is not much interest because of his reputation of being a lazy player

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