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Boston Bruins at Florida Panthers ... Rostislav Olesz Out ... Janis Sprukts In ... Anyone Left in Rochester?

SpruktsRostislav Olesz will not play tonight, the groin injury he suffered in Thursday's win against Buffalo keeping him out against the Bruins.

Another player is leaving Rochester to join the Panthers, Janis Sprukts (four goals, six assists with the Americans) en route to sunny South Florida for the game.

Good news, though, on the injury front: Pete DeBoer says all five of the injured forwards will be on the trip to Canada, although all of them are doubtful for Monday's game in balmy Ottawa. Good for them. They can huddle around a fire to stay warm while the rest of us brave the Kanata winds.

-- Cory Stillman practiced today, his first full-on practice since he had his concussion setback against the Red Wings way back when. He says he feels good, but admits he's still a bit away because of his conditioning. Because he had a concussion, he hasn't been able to do much. But he'll be in uniform tonight for the pre-skate before heading back to the press box.


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Anything on the Jaybo front? That guy who shall not be named is bugging me with his e4 crap about a pending deal to the sens.

Why would JM trade J-Bo now that the Panthers are winning, having fun and seem to have a reasonable shot at making the playoffs?

If there is no legitimate chance of re-signing him, then it is better to trade him now than end up with nothing later. J-Bo is currently hot and his value is likely near the maximum.

anyone left in Rochester? hell we never had anyone good to being with. this season is ranking up there as one of the biggest debacles in Amerks history. Good luck with Sprukts. he certainly hasn't done much down here this season.

We don't have any players.. any fans left.. can you guys call up Birch and keep him too? Maybe send someone else?

That's good news. Now there's absolutely, positively no offensive talent in Rochester. We can all leave tomorrow when Albany scores the first goal. Of course, the second goal usually comes minutes later anyway. Still on pace to be the worst AHL in the history of the league--the Panthers got confused and thought they were stocking an ECHL team. Glad you guys at least are seeing the Panthers show a little life. Anderson got plenty of practice her stopping 40+ shots per night, so it was good prep.

GR, when you gonna take a trip up here to Rochester? We'd love to meet ya!

when does it get warm up there?

June. But sorry, there won't be any hockey here after the second week in April........

ha...I will be up there when the panthers play buffalo...will swing over then...hoping roch is in town when we go to toronto...I would drive over to catch a game...want to check it out...leave your jokes below...

Cool! Hopefully by then we will have won our FOURTH game.......

GR, while you're at it if you want to see an AHL team with half a chance of winning a game, keep driving down the Thruway to Syracuse. Maybe they'll have fixed up that dumpy arena by now. Even if not, the beer's cheaper than the Bank and the fans are more into the game, taunting the opposing goalies and actually cheering the home team. And then there are those guys who dress up like the Hanson brothers every game and run through the arena during the third period.

But what's really important is that there is excellent barbecue right near the arena in both cities. Better than you're going to find here in South Florida, so don't miss it.

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