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Craig Anderson Goes Again ... No Roster Moves Yet ... Florida Panthers at Edmonton Oilers

Andy3EDMONTON -- Hello from Canada's City of Champions, where it's about 35 degrees out, the sun is shining and I feel bad about saying Edmonton was worse than Ottawa.

This feels like South Beach right now compared to what I left behind. It's sweatshirt weather right now. Feeling almost balmy (if you can ignore all the snow on the ground).

Just spoke to Pete DeBoer and he confirmed Craig Anderson goes tomorrow against the Oilers, with Tomas Vokoun getting his first start in weeks Friday in Calgary. Who starts Sunday against Vancouver -- rumor is old pal Roberto Luongo could be healed by then and in net -- is up in the air.

''I think Craig found a way to win us a game the other night, no matter how it looked,'' DeBoer said. ''He made some big saves in the third period and overtime. It was a critical two points. The guys in the room expect him to start. He went into a tough situation, a tough situation and got us a win. If Tomas was in the same spot, I'd be doing the same thing with him.''

Team had a spirited if not very long practice today somewhere in the Edmonton suburbs. I got delayed two hours today in Ottawa and missed it. The team will not be making any roster moves, so that means the five players who are on the injured list will remain there for the time being.

More as the day goes on.

I'm heading to the pool.


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While I understand we won again with Anderson, he did not look good in the Ottawa game. He looked good in the last half of the 3rd and stole the game in OT. I would have suited Vokoun up for this one. He better be playing in Vancouver too.

Maybe Deboer wants to come in and change the entire face of this team (well in goal at least). Maybe he sees something in Andy and wants him to succeed under him. How great would that look? Deboer's first season in NHL, has faith in a goalie who has never started the majority of the season, making Frolik into a great 2 way player.

I think Deboer is doing well with the young guys, as for Horton, I would like to see him fit in this system, if not then bye bye.

George, two questions for you.

One, is Bouw going to sign with the Panthers?

Two, what's there to do in Edmonton in December, eh?

I can answer the second question for you Bill......

The northern half of Canada has its highest birthrates in the months of August, September, and October.......

So guess what is done during the Winter?

Hahaha, that's the Panther's question of the year: Will Bouwmeester resign? LOL Probably not after reading what his dad had to say about the franchise and knowing what will happen.

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