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Craig Anderson Will Start Again ... Florida Panthers vs. Buffalo Sabres ... Ville Peltonen, Gregory Campbell, Radek Dvorak on like Donkey Kong ... No One Hurt

Andy WASHINGTON -- Just a quick note before I head out of Cingular Center here in DC, but Pete says Craig Anderson is back on Thursday against the Sabres.

Anderson will be making his fourth straight start in place of Tomas Vokoun. Anderson is 5-1-3; Vokoun is 5-10-0. So DeBoer is sticking with the hot hand.

-- For once, no injury news to report.

-- It appears the Gregory Campbell/Ville Peltonen/Radek Dvorak line needs a name. They've been playing outstanding hockey all over the place. Offensively, they have nine goals and 10 assists in the past five games.

-- Panthers have gotten points in past five games. Last year, they got points in nine straight at one point (eight of nine were wins, overtime loss to Carolina messed up the string).


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I just watched channel 4 talking about the panthers win!!! But i really would like to know who Bill Pentonen is, hahaahaha.
oh jeez these people need to learn...
sad!! HOPEFULLY IF THEY MAKE THE PLAYOFFS IT WON'T BE SO BAD. Then again when they did we had a cuban radio version of the panthers broadcast. GO MEYAMBIIII (MELANBY)

Don't know exactly what to call that line, but they sure are working great. CPR is too easy. A Finn, Canadian, and Czech. So much like the John Deere line of old. Whatever it becomes...i hope they keep it up!

i say CPR line! its a great idea, it makes perfect sense, and thats what theyre there for; to give the team a cpr..a boost....eureka!
send me a free jersey please

As much as I like seeing this team win they're still not good enough IMO to make the playoffs and even if they do I highly doubt they'll go anywhere. The best thing for this franchise would be to end up with the number one overall pick which would land them Tavares. A player who could turn thing around for this franchise.

Also, if we do have a legitimate shot at the playoffs we might end up keeping Bouw past the trade deadline which would be a terrible mistake.

We've been playing well lately but this will not help out this franchise long term. Trading Bouw for a legit top 6 forward and getting the number 1 overall pick is worth a lot more long term than getting kicked out in the first or second round and losing Bouw to free agency.

How about the LON Line! or the UN line! since all three are from different countries?

No names; just keep winning!

I basically agree with hockeyd00d but it would very nice to get into the playoffs this year. The 4 worst teams have a shot at getting Tavares (or the #1 pick) so there's no guarantee that we'd even acquire Tavares.

Look at our recent draft picks who were chosen 7th or better: Weiss, JayBo, Horton, Olesz. These guys should have played in the minors after they were drafted but Dudley and Keenan wanted them right away (out of necessity because of stingy ownership). JayBo is the only one who is an All-Star and he'll be gone after this year.

Time is now to make it in the playoffs. Let's hope they keep playing a team effort.

I just have this feeling vokuhn is going to be traded whether it's this year or in the offseason.

Call it the "Thank God Line" for finally having some seconsary scoring.

Panthers are 3 points from Carolina & New Jersey for tying for 7Th. Just as long as they keep playing like they are they can still be in the mix.

They have bought deboer's system... he has been a blessing.

I like the CPR line-they have brought the team back from cardiac arrest

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