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Festivus Tuesday in Sunrise ... Nashville Predators at Florida Panthers ... Jassen Cullimore Out, Noah Welch In

FestivusHappy Festivus to everyone out there, hope you enjoyed your day -- and didn't get hurt during the Feats of Strength.

The Panthers will play this holiday evening, playing host to the Nashville Predators at the Bank -- although once you see the garish new billboard 'gracing' the front of the building, we can start calling it something else.

I don't know how much this certain company is giving the Panthers, but I hope it's a bundle for all the exposure they're getting inside and out the arena.

Anyway, back to hockey.

Pete DeBoer says Jassen Cullimore's MRI came back negative, although they're giving him the night off hoping the Christmas break will be enough time for the hand injury to feel better. Noah Welch slides in to play in his place.

Nick Tarnasky will not get a chance to play his old teammates, Anthony Stewart playing instead.

Talked a bit to Wade Belak after the Nashville skate. He says he still digs South Florida -- in fact, he's sticking around after the game to spend Christmas here with his family before flying out to rejoin his team -- but is enjoying his new team. He says it's nice to be in a place where he's wanted.


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Happy Holidays GR!

How about a holiday named after Michael Frolik? What a game by this kid!

Wow we have a hockey team to root for !

Merry christmas George :)

Great game last night. Frolik turned out to be a nice draft pick. Finally, our scouting got it right!

Merry Christmas George!

Hey EJ, your scout got lucky. I refer to the crap we have here in Rochester.

One good pick after a whole bunch of mediocre ones.....

Hey Booboo, what part of redundancy dont you get. I understand you pain in Rochester, cold weather wise, but you do understand that this was the first year in the last 3-5 that the Panthers were solely repsonsible for fielding a minor league team, and as a result had to sign virtually every "field filler" they could to flesh out the squad. Unfortunately that leave you guys in a learch after years of having the well established Buffalo affiliation. I know its hard but if you give it a another year or two and allow the newly drafted players time to make it up to "your level" I think you will be very happy once again. Tell me you dont see "any" quality in Repik or Matthias, tell me you dont like how Tanner Glass busts his ass every night. Your repetitive bile spit about Rochester is old already. I understand it, but its old.

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