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Happy Holidays Hockey Fans!

ClarkHave a rare day off here in Sunrise, and wanted to take the time to thank everyone for visiting us here at our little corner of the hockey world the past couple of years.

I enjoy doing this as some of may have surmised, and really appreciate the feedback -- be it negative or positive. We've had some good discussions here in cyberspace and I think it's grand so many people take an interest in our Hanukkahharry great game that's played on a frozen pond.

We're 33 games into this season, so there's a lot of real estate in front of the Panthers.

They're playing well, but can't get comfy. They're only on the seventh hole. Lots of time to make some great shots, but also plenty of time to screw up so bad they'll want to throw their 3-wood into the lake. Trust me, I've been there.

Saveology2 Anyway, will probably take tomorrow off but will be back bright and early Friday morning from the Billboard Bank. Friday's morning skate is open Ralphie_2 to the public, so come on over. Make sure you come over and say hello.

Enjoy the holidays folks....


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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Again, Merry Christmas to you George, and everyone else on the blog!

merry Christmas GR! what time is practice on Friday?

i left miami 6 years ago and your blog is probably the most honest and informative place i have found to to get news about the panthers. thanks for the good work, merry xmas

Happy holidays everyone. Thanks, George for the good info. And just so everyone knows, another great place for comprehensive hockey coverage, including the Panthers, is at hockeybuzz.com. Pretty good site. Take care everyone.

thanks for the nice comments folks...friday' practice at the Billboard is at 1030....

Merry Xmas gr!!!! See you at the Montreal game. Let's get 3 out of 4 PTA against Tampa and scare the frogs that we are coming....

Mr. Richards,

I'm a die-hard ISLANDERS fan (which is harder than being a Big 3 CEO these days) who started reading your blog after hearing about it from JOE B (Caps announcer) and Tarik El-Bashir of the WASHINGTON POST.....you are outstanding and display a great attention to detail, passion for the puck, and humor. Keep up the great work and Merry Christmas/Happy New Year!

Happy holidays everyone! Go Panthers!

Happy holidays from snowy Calgary GR.

Your work with this club is very appreciated. You probably cannot fully comprehend how far you reach out to us diehard Panthers fans.

Well, I can say I'm overwhelmed by all the nice comments...some brought a tear to my eye ;)

happy holidays everyone...hope to bring everyone plenty of good news in the new year...of course, if there's nothing good to report, you'll get more bad stuff....

George, love your little blog. You've got some of the best hockey insight in these parts so keep up the good works. I am going on record now to say that the Cats make it into the playoffs this season. I'm a bold dude, eh?

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