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Hello from Baltimore ... David Booth out ... Kenndal McArdle in ... Florida Panthers vs. Washington Capitals, NO TV ... Now with Man Games Lost!

HomicideBALTIMORE -- Greetings from Charm City, the place that brought us Cal Ripken, the Colts, Homicide: Life on the Street, The Wire and killer crab.

Of course, those history majors out there know the Colts were originally the Miami Seahawks of the All-American Football League, but whatever.

Made the drive from the Capitals' training facility in Arlington, Va., and am now in Natty Boh country. Not a pretty day, either. But, I did get to walk through my first hail storm. It was cool. Like little pieces of ice balls crashing to earth. Should have held out a cup and filled it with Diet Dr. Pepper afterward.

Now, on to hockey....

-- Pete DeBoer says David Booth's shoulder is going to keep him out of Tuesday's game against the Caps, and will probably keep him out at least a week. Kenndal McArdle will be on his way to D.C. here in the coming hours. McArdle was Florida's first round draft pick (20th overall at the post-lockout, Sidney Crosby, Ottawa hotel ballroom draft) in 2005.

McArdle will make his NHL debut tomorrow if all goes to plan. He has three goals and 10 points with the Americans so far this season.

-- No real updates on Cory Stillman nor Nathan Horton. Horton's lacerated ankle could keep him out an extended time because the area of the injury is susceptible to re-open. If that happens, he's out all over again. PDeB says Stillman had a good couple of days, but has been out so long (one game since Nov. 2) Mrboh there's really no timetable right now.

-- If I think of anything else, will bring it here. See you at Nacho Mamas!

-- From the 'You Asked for It' File: Panthers, through Sunday's game, are at 80 games lost due to injury. With six guys on the DL right now, that will hit 86 after the Washington game.

Most lost: Bryan Allen at 21, followed by Cory Murphy (16), Cory Stillman (9) and Bryan McCabe (10). McCabe is active again; his 10 games are from earlier.


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Stinks that booth is out. I was kinda hoping they would bring up repik actually since he seems to be the only one besides kendall who wants to play there.. But maybe this will be a good thing for matthias to maybe get some more ice time and show he belongs here and hopefully the campbell line keeps playing the way it has been and we should be fine. Go Cats!!

GR, can you lookup the man games lost stat for us dying Panther fans? It's getting out of hand once again!

injuries are a part of hockey just look at the Capitals as they are also being hit with the injury bug,

saying that, injuries are no excuse, work hard and attack the net like we have against the Rangers and we can win this game.

I understand that they aren't an excuse, but losing 4 of your top 6 forwards is going to hurt any team.

The Wire! Great show. Gotta get season 5...

Anyways, sucks about Booth. Now we'll be without the entire 1st and 2nd lines, with the exception of Weiss.

Should be interesting.

Too bad about Booth and his shoulder. We need him in the lineup; he is our go-to guy. IMO, he should be the captain of this team! He works hard every game, scores goals, leads by example! I wonder if has the ear of his teamates?

What type of concussion did Stillman sustain? He's been out almost a month. Must have been pretty bad?

GR- any truth in the rumor regarding JayBo to Ottawa for Vermette and a 1st rounder?

BTW- interesting to note that Mr. Weiss is a plus-9...best on the team.

Congrats to McArdle!! Looking forward to watching him...err, reading about and listening to accounts of his NHL debut. Maybe he'll stay up so we can watch him Thursday.

What you've seen in the past several games is gritty, willing to sacrifice the body, tenacious team on the ice, an absolute formula for winning and getting points. Yes several guys are out, but this type of play, the willingness to dig and hit down low and commitment to back checking, anyone who wants to play can join in the fun and give of themselves, is the prerequisite for ice time. Keep this up and there's no telling what could happen, the very least we'll be entertained and at the very most..... you never can tell! The addition of Tarnasky adds grit to the fourth line, a real crash line with Stewart. Ma boy had a little tussle against Voros! Look out other NHL teams the Panthers are coming!!!

You know i wonder if jm is shopping both bouw and vokuhn hmm.... Clearly andy is the better long term solution and won't cost us nearly as much as vokuhn will...And mcardle is another gritty player so will see pretty much the same play we have been seeing and also i heard booth may now play.

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