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Name That Line ... CPR the Leader ... Day off for Panthers

CprWASHINGTON -- About to head out of the capital of the District of Columbia and figured I would offer up a more official contest on the naming of Florida's most successful line combination of late.

Gregory Campbell, Ville Peltonen and Radek Dvorak have been terrific for Soup the Panthers the past five days. Now, I don't know if it was the waiving and subsuquent trading of Wade Belak that had anything to do with it, but this trio is playing terrific.

A few guys offered up the CPR line here last night, and I love it. Think it's perfect. First, the letters work out: Campbell-Peltonen-Radek. That's key. Dvo Plus it has some meaning. CPR is a life-saving technique. The CPR line has without a doubt breathed new life into this Panthers season.

They are all over the place, doing the hard work in the corners and on the backend of the ice, and they are also getting some reward lately with all three scoring pretty much on a nightly basis.

If you have any other ideas, please, feel free to leave them here in the Ville comments section. Once we have five or six suggestions, we'll go to The Frozen Poll, yet another small part of Miami Herald Hockey Central.

I think you know which name is getting my vote. If I had a vote, that is. I have yet to register.

-- The Panthers took a well-deserved day off today, arriving in South Florida earlier this morning. They'll be on the ice tomorrow at the Bank in preparation for the Sabres. It's Buffalo-Miami week kids, be prepared.


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CPR works great for me as well. This team is playing the type of hockey that the fans love, they are working hard and they are creating traffic in the scoring areas.

interesting quote from coach about the team play the fowards are driving to the net and the d-men are shooting, Bo's goal is a perfect example of shoot the puck and good things happen.

Keep up the work and we will improve in the standings

Haha Im glad you like my proposition of the CPR line....like we both agreed, i dont think theres anything more perfect to describe them right now

Sorry Steph.It seems I came up with the name for that line unintentionally. But sometimes good ideas happen like that! Go Cats!

CPR is fine for me as well... Seriously, why bother with a poll.

CPR is fine for me as well... Seriously, why bother with a poll.

hat about the Rat pack

I like the UN Line........or Lon Lin!!!!!!

CPR is nice because it works. Someone needed to breath air into the lungs of this team!

A bit of a stretch, but ... Devil's Soup (or D-Ville's Soup?)

D(v) from Dvorak, vil from Ville, Soup from Campbell.

Apparently it's a dish with a spicy kick. If this line hasn't breathed life into the Panthers, it's certainly spiced things up.

Whatever you say, fat dexter!!!! Seriously! What are the odds of a miami-based sports journalist looking just like Michael C. Hall +75 LBS?!??! OK, enough is enough. That's a great acronym for this line, totally fitting.

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