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Stephen Weiss Heading Home ... X-Rays Negative

VANCOUVER -- The Panthers charter bus stopped at a local hospital here to pick up a passenger, grabbing Stephen Weiss and getting him to the airport to come home.

Weiss, injured in the first period of Sunday's 5-3 loss to the Canucks, got hurt when he was checked into the boards. According to Justin Copertino, the X-Rays were negative, so nothing's broken.

Still don't know what the severity of the injury is (or if it's a shoulder, upper arm, etc.) although the Panthers have been good about giving us this stuff in the past and I hope they continue it.

Updates when I get them.


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talk about a bummer... we are not anywhere near as good with him out

At least nothing is broken. Get well soon Stephen. You're in our thoughts and prayers. We need you back out there!

Hey, how about Frolik scoring his 3rd goal of the season?

GR- Who will Booth replace once he's healthy again and can return to the lineup? Hopefully it will not be Frolik!

Thx gr...although andy played admirably vokuns turn now

Ej frolik is here to stay... Stewert would go way before ...

Frolik will definitely be staying. Not even an option for him to be demoted. He has really impressed me. The kid has great hands and sees the ice very well. Its nice to finally have a legit prospect who looks like he could live up to the hype.

The loss last night wasn't as bad as it seemed. Three of their goals were lucky. Ballard being injured (though Boynton, who was terrible last night, had two chances to clear the puck), the puck slipping off Skrastins stick and the puck deflecting off Bouw's skate. These type of breaks/bounces will happen and I hope Pete starts Anderson despite the five goals he gave up.

I thought the teamed played well but the powerplay was atrocious. Maybe when we get Horton, Booth and Stillman back we can see some progress.

Hopefully Weiss will be ready to go in Carolina on Thursday because this team looked a bit lost without him. He has also has had his best scoring streak I can ever remember as a Panther.

Overall, this was a fantastic road trip and if it weren't for some bad breaks/bounces we could have swept the road trip.

stewie isn't going anywhere. he's (essentially) on a one-way contract and additionally, he's doing everything he's been asked to do. offense will come. right now i'd probably sit mclean over stewart if i had to.

All Mclean needs is one in off his Tush, and he will be back at it...when a guy gets snakebitten he needs a little bit of luck to help him break out, and one off the rump is the way to go!

Repik, and Matthias sent down so there are 2 more spots, Horton and Booth.........

When the others get back then we will see, Tarnansky? Stewart?

Does it matter as long as we keep winning?

BTW no team from the east usually can win all 3 on the Western Canada trip!

Winning the first 2 was a big step forward!

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