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Snow Day in Ottawa ... Panthers off to Edmonton, Miami Herald writer not-so-much ... Richard Zednik Close ... Cory Murphy to practice Wednesday

076OTTAWA -- Air Canada decided it didn't feeling like flying through the snow (and why should it) so my flight to Edmonton got canceled giving me another night in Ottawa, and one less night in Edmonton.

Thanks Air Canada!

Went to the SensPlex this morning for the Panthers injured skate (the rest of the team had the day off) and word is Richard Zednik should be cleared to go any day now. I talked to him and he was a lot more hesitant than others, saying he's still not sure the elbow is strong enough to endure game-type physical play. He's going to give it a few more practices and see.

Cory Murphy says he's going to go all out tomorrow at practice for the first time. No real timetable on his return.

David Booth says he hopes to be back from an injured shoulder in a week, but he always says that. He wants to play, but the shoulder isn't letting him. We'll have to see on this one.

I've heard rumblings that some want Tomas Vokoun back in net tomorrow, although don't know which way Pete DeBoer is going to go. If you would have asked me in the second whether Andy would get to start against Edmonton I would have said no. Then he stood on his head in the third and overtime to help Florida get the win, and he just might get the seventh straight start after all.

Vokoun was the goaltender at the injured skate today. Usually I would say that means he won't be starting, but the more I think of it, that may not have anything to do with it. The team will have had ample time to prepare for the Oil, and Tomas hasn't played in a while. He may have volunteered to work the practice to get sharper.

Will know more tomorrow if/when I get into Oil Country.

-- Craig Anderson versus:

Edmonton: 1-2-1, 3.94, .871

Calgary: 0-2, 2.41, .902

-- Tomas Vokoun versus:

Edmonton: 6-9-2, 2.94, .898

Calgary: 11-3-3-1, 1.97, .930

-- I will never complain about ESPN again after watching some of the stuff their Canadian cousin TSN puts on when it doesn't have a hockey game to show. Goodness gracious. Today they had on the preliminaries -- PRELIMS! -- of the Canadian women duck-pin bowling championships. That was after they had some guy showing us all how to grill fish.

I wish I could make stuff like this up. 

Last night, after a way-too-short SportsCentre (yeah, I spelled it right) they put on a Canadian strongman competition. Good thing they also have NFL, NHL and NBA networks up here too.

At least Corner Gas is on the Comedy Network.

-- Chris Gratton sent to the minors by Tampa Bay. Ugh.


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Hey George, when you say "I've heard rumblings that some want Tomas Vokoun back in net tomorrow..," are you referring to us fans or to players? Are the players asking for Tomas to play or do they stay out of such conversations?

Also notice you didn't comment on Horton's status. Any update on when he'll return? any indication as to what line DeBoer will put him on?

yeah when its not Hockey or Sportscenter, the sport channels here are HORRENDOUS...unbelievable the stuff they show...and i rly dont know who in the world watches those horrors
and btw george welcome back to canada, right on time for the 1st snowstorm of the year! see ya in Montreal on Jan. 4th when there shud be even more snow lol

not fans, not players..people I talk to around the rink...TVo has practiced hard; he needs to get back in there sooner-than-later...don't know anything about nate...saw him come into the arena, was talking to someone else and I never saw him again...he's probably a week or so away still...

Nice OHIO license plate

Interesting article today on TSN.ca about the upcoming class of UFA's (including Bo)... word from the NHL meetings is that there's an expectation that revenues will be down significantly over the next two years, implying that the salary cap is projected to be lower and therefore teams won't be willing to shell out as much long-term money this year to UFA's. So did Bo overplay his hand? He was looking for Phaneuf-type money last year, JM appeared to be ready to give it to him, and Bo chose to wait... will that kind of money still be on the table (from any of the 30 teams) on July 1?

Not JM - Everything I've read points to Bouwmeester's decision NOT being about the money. He's already been offered a big contract by the Panthers. So I don't think he's overplayed his hand. What I think he wants is to see some significant change and positive momentum from the Panthers. Even with a lower cap, he'll still get a very nice contract wherever he goes.

JayBo will get a nice contract wherever he decides to play, regardless of the salary cap. The players that will hurt as a result of the diminished cap are the marginal UFA's.

I'm still hopeful JM can persuade JayBo to play 1 more year in FL...but I'm not holding my breath. Actually, I would be surprised if he signed an extension. IMO, JayBo wants to play for a consistent contender, and probably one located on the west coast. However, maybe a Panthers season in the playoffs could make a difference in his decision making. Hey, at least we'll find out in January what his decision will be.

Bouwmeester is overrated, send him to edmonton for Gagne and some picks.

One less night in Edmonton means no chance to visit the West Edmonton Mall. If you get there buy yourself a tuque. Have fun.


By those goaltender stats, I'd start Andy against Edmonton and T-Vo against Calgary. Then go back to Andy against Vancouver, who by the way could have Louie back in time for the Sunday night meeting.


He's referring to Cohen. Cohen wants Vokoun in goal because he doesn't want to see that contract on the bench. He can are less about the wins, he just wants his highest paid player out there.

Pathetic, I know. It will always be a joke with him running the show.

Thanks Brian. Maybe George is skittish about mentioning management directly, though he did say in an earlier blog that people in the front office weren't happy to see their expensive goalie sitting on the bench. Hopefully DeBoer won't face any interference from Jacques or the rest of the front office, and even if he does he'll do what he thinks is best for the team.

These people need to recognize that they have a coach who is winning the hearts and minds of his players - something they haven't had in a long time - and that messing with that emerging dynamic is only going to hurt the larger cause.

I was all for Andy until he loses. But we got three games in 4 nights so i would start Tivo in Edmonton and then rotate till Carolina, putting in whoevers hotter.

Darn right W.A.M.- DeBo IS winning the hearts and minds of SOME of the players. This is a big change over many of the last seasons and coaches. There are a couple of players that either aren't interested or aren't capable of joining DeBo's system...Horton being the biggest offender. I also agree that owners or exec's messing with Debo is a huge mistake...but the Panther's owner's, exec's and past coaches have been drawn to mistakes like moth's to a flame.

I'd like for George to clearly say...who is it that's squawking about Mr. Anderson getting to play over TVo. Fans have a right to know if it's owner's/exec's, coaches/asst. coaches/trainers or some other group.

As far as Jaybo...he wasn't interested in big money from the Panthers...that doesn't mean he's not about the money!! I don't think there is any way he's staying and if Horton doesn't snap out of it, I think they could be packaged together for a "blockbuster trade". McCabe could also be packaged...his salary is KILLING the Panthers salary cap and isn't worth whatever benefit the team gets from him being on the roster. Those ARE the types of trades that JM and the Panthers love to make...

Zednick is uncertain? Doesn't he know how is own body feels? Unfortunately,this is how he plays hockey-UNCERTAIN!He has no confidence and just skates around the rink.Richard,if your afraid of getting hurt again, get off the ice!

Puck- next season, McCabe's hit to the salary will be nearly $2M lower than this year. I disagree with you regarding his value; I think he's played very well and will give us that needed insurance once JayBo is traded.

GR- any truth to the rumor of the Cats interest in Havlat and his $6M salary?

EJ - I've always loved Havlat, but he still doesn't appear to be back to his old self. Maybe it's the added rust from several consecutive injury riddled seasons or maybe he's just not the same player anymore. Given some of the offensive talent on that team, I'd have expected better production from him (though on the Panthers he'd be the point leader). But all things considered, Horton for Havlat might be an interesting trade - even though it doesn't solve the need for a top center.

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