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Snow Day in Ottawa ... Panthers off to Edmonton, Miami Herald writer not-so-much ... Richard Zednik Close ... Cory Murphy to practice Wednesday

076OTTAWA -- Air Canada decided it didn't feeling like flying through the snow (and why should it) so my flight to Edmonton got canceled giving me another night in Ottawa, and one less night in Edmonton.

Thanks Air Canada!

Went to the SensPlex this morning for the Panthers injured skate (the rest of the team had the day off) and word is Richard Zednik should be cleared to go any day now. I talked to him and he was a lot more hesitant than others, saying he's still not sure the elbow is strong enough to endure game-type physical play. He's going to give it a few more practices and see.

Cory Murphy says he's going to go all out tomorrow at practice for the first time. No real timetable on his return.

David Booth says he hopes to be back from an injured shoulder in a week, but he always says that. He wants to play, but the shoulder isn't letting him. We'll have to see on this one.

I've heard rumblings that some want Tomas Vokoun back in net tomorrow, although don't know which way Pete DeBoer is going to go. If you would have asked me in the second whether Andy would get to start against Edmonton I would have said no. Then he stood on his head in the third and overtime to help Florida get the win, and he just might get the seventh straight start after all.

Vokoun was the goaltender at the injured skate today. Usually I would say that means he won't be starting, but the more I think of it, that may not have anything to do with it. The team will have had ample time to prepare for the Oil, and Tomas hasn't played in a while. He may have volunteered to work the practice to get sharper.

Will know more tomorrow if/when I get into Oil Country.

-- Craig Anderson versus:

Edmonton: 1-2-1, 3.94, .871

Calgary: 0-2, 2.41, .902

-- Tomas Vokoun versus:

Edmonton: 6-9-2, 2.94, .898

Calgary: 11-3-3-1, 1.97, .930

-- I will never complain about ESPN again after watching some of the stuff their Canadian cousin TSN puts on when it doesn't have a hockey game to show. Goodness gracious. Today they had on the preliminaries -- PRELIMS! -- of the Canadian women duck-pin bowling championships. That was after they had some guy showing us all how to grill fish.

I wish I could make stuff like this up. 

Last night, after a way-too-short SportsCentre (yeah, I spelled it right) they put on a Canadian strongman competition. Good thing they also have NFL, NHL and NBA networks up here too.

At least Corner Gas is on the Comedy Network.

-- Chris Gratton sent to the minors by Tampa Bay. Ugh.