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Welcome to Andytown, FLA

Andy2 Yes, Virginia, Craig Anderson will get another start in net Saturday night when the big, bad Bruins roll into town trying to blow the Panthers down.

Anderson has been stellar in net of late, and will be making his fifth straight start.

Here are some numbers to chew on:

Anderson is 6-1-3;

Anderson is 14-3-3 since Jan. 3 (he was winless -- in 2007-08 -- heading into that start);

Since taking over for Vokoun in the second period against New Jersey, he's stopped 172 of 180 shots;

Thursday, he made 45 saves on 46 shots.

Pete DeBoer says it hasn't been hard choosing Anderson over Tomas Vokoun, praising the veteran for how he's handled this recent turn of events. And, DeBoer adds, he could care less that Vokoun is the second highest paid player on the bench, and that money never comes into who he gives playing time to.

Me thinks there are a few people in the Florida front office not too happy to be seeing $5-plus million sitting on the bench, though.

Good for Andy; he's going to get paid this offseason, bet on that.


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I could see him signing with Detroit. Maybe 3 years 3 million dollars.

Maybe we should look to trade Vokoun to Philly for Lupul and Biron and a 1st. They could use a quality starter and we could use a legit top 6 forward. I'm sure he would waive his NMC to go to what would be a contender for the East. Plus, I don't think you should spend that much money on a goalie in the salary cap era. This team would be much better off with a 6 million dollar forward.

Actually, I didn't realize how much Lupul gets paid. Too much IMO for him. Vokoun should be shopped.

Pinch me.Frolik is going to be a star.We will get the real test against Boston Saturday nite.Vokoun and Horton should be shopped at least because after we lose Bouwmeester we will be hurting on defense.This team is beginning to believe with Anderson behind the pipes.I am excited for the first time in 4 years!

Andy is turning out to be the real deal. Too bad there isn't a great market for expensive goalies. It's going to be difficult for JM to shop Vokoun. In the meantime, we have a goaltender controversy, and that's a good thing!

George- IYO- if the Cats are in a great position for the playoffs prior to the trade deadline, any chance of JayBo signing a 1-year extension? Winning makes players happy, you know. What say you?

DeBoer got it exactly right when he commented that he's not basing playing time on who a player is, what they've done in the past or how much they're being paid. A cautionary tale looms - how long will it be before pressure comes down from Cohen, Yormack and Martin to play the guy(s) getting the big dollars? The front office needs to avoid the George Steinbrenner syndrome, placing calls to the dugout to have the manager manage personnel in a manner that is to their liking.

One reason the Panthers are playing better team hockey is because they are working hard for a coach who they believe in and who they feel believes in them - which goes a long way to getting the players to buy 100% into the coach's system. Anything that disrupts that dynamic places the entire equation at risk.

Way to go Craig Anderson!!! I am little worried that he is a UFA at years end, but who knows maybe things will work out and he will continue to be a Panther one way or another.

Sit Horton when he comes back. We don't need his lazy attitude when he heals up.

When they play the system they win. Horton needs to sit until he is ready to play the system as well. Anderson is on fire and he should stay in, no matters what Vokoun makes.

Glad to see a great week of NHL hockey for a change.

You know it just surprises me how horton was leading the team in points when he was injured but yet he's soo lazy. Go Figure how laziness leads to points apparently not the fact that he is playing well.

Trade Vokun and sign Anderson in the offseason... We can pickup a solid backup free agent in the offseason.

Stephen - Horton gets those points because he does have offensive talent. That's a reflection of the maximum 4-6% of a game (a player's TOI) when the puck is on an individual player's stick. Horton's problem is the other 94-96% of each game. It's the missed assignments, the stride or half stride that he doesn't take, etc.

Campbell said it very well last night in his post game interview on TV (in the locker room). He commented that the goal scoring is not a big a deal as most fans believe. He said that it's all the other "little" things that he and the other players are now doing that is making the difference between winning and losing. He basically said the points (for a player) come as a result of doing all those other things in a game. I'd suggest that Horton's points come despite what he doesn't contribute nightly and would be considerably higher (with more team wins) if he was more diligent about that other 94-95% of the game.

Don't fix what isn't broken.

We easily have one of the best tandems in the conference. Why change that. Let it play itself out. When Vokoun was facing a ton of shots for too long, he needed a break. He's getting it, and the team is responding to having Andy in net.
Andy is playing incredibly well, and hopefully he can keep it up. But when he does falter, TVO will still be there right behind him ready to step in.

We have two great guys who can stop pucks. They're great technically, physically, and most importantly -- mentally.



Front office of the Panthers is not reliable and knows nothing about hockey in general lol. Andy is better, Vokoun is not. Vokoun needs to start packing because if the front office got a clue anytime soon, they would trade the "complainer" and get some more grit and offense or just picks for him.


Notice the team plays hard with Andy in goal. Not when Vokoun is in.

Holy Jokinen,

Having two very good goalies is good and all but when this team starts to slow down and not score as a result, then would it be worth keeping both?



My point is that our problem is NOT goaltending. Why mess with it?

We've got Bo who's most likely being dangled, we can get some forward strength in a trade like that.

I also don't understand why you call Vokoun a "complainer." As far as i know, he's been nothing less than completely supportive of Anderson, including a fist pump before the Buffalo game. I'm sure he wants to play, but Vokoun is a notorious competitor, and he wants to win. If that means going with the hot-hand, then i would believe that he's all for it.

But i'm sure he wants his chance to prove himself, and he'll get that chance when Andy falters.

In a salary cap era there is no point having a 6 million dollar goalie on the bench. It is a terrible allocation of assets. If we could get a 20+ goal scorer and first round pick for him it would definitely be worth it.

You'd better hope your goalies stay healthy because we have 3 East Coast League goalies here in Rochester that couldn't stop a beach ball.

Sure Dood, but who is offering such a trade!! If there is someone please give that person the Panther Front Office Tele # or email.

Point is, It isnt out there!!

No GM is going to offer a 20-goal scorer and a 1st round pick for the exepensive Vokoun. We'd be fortunate to get a 1st rounder for him. Now is not the time; maybe later in the season but not now.

Let PDeB coach and don't worry about the front office being unhappy with Vokoun on the bench. Winning will put fans in the seats and all Alan Cohen cares about is the bottom line. SoFla loves a winner so if the Cats keep on winning, more fans will come out, adn that's good enough for A Cohen and company.

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