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Baseball, Apple Pie, Chevrolet and now Hockey: Craig Anderson's New Look ... Ville Peltonen: What Broken Bone? ... Kamil Kreps OUT, Tomas Vokoun IN vs. Flyers

Andymask1Craig Anderson won't be in net for the Panthers when they make their triumphant return to the ice after a week off come Friday against the Flyers.

Coach Pete DeBoer told us today that Tomas Vokoun will be in net once more.

Still, Anderson has a cool new look, a new mask that pays tribute not only to the Florida Panthers, but to an American classic.

Anderson's new lid features a demonistic looking Andymask2 Panther on the top, with big claws on both sides. One side of the mask features a classic Corvette, a throw back to his old mask. The other side features a modern American Classic, the Corvette Z06.

''It's a combination of the old and the new of American muscle,'' he says.

Andymask4 The front of the mask features part of the Corvette banner, the checkered flag on one side, the Chevy bowtie logo on the other. On the back, Andy has his name and the Punisher logo of the Corvette C6 racing team.

''I have a fondness for Corvettes and American cars, so that's pretty much what stands me apart from everyone else,'' he said. ''I don't have an American flag painted all over it,Andymask3 but it's kind of a way to show my nationality. The Chevy bowtie, yeah. It's the American sportscar, so, I figure it's subtle but people will pick up on it.''

It's a good look, trust me. These photos do not do the mask justice in any way.

-- Ville Peltonen didn't want to talk about his broken foot very much today, letting his work on the ice do the talking. He says he feels fine, the pain is minimal and he's playing tomorrow. Peltonen broke a bone in his foot during the first period of Saturday's 8-4 win over Atlanta, scoring two goals in the process. He took a few days off, but was back out there today and even did extended post-practice work.

PDeB told XM Radio today that Don Cherry ought to note Peltonen's toughness. Cherry is notoriously rough on European players, and PDeB notes that Peltonen is not only Finnish, but tough as nails as well.

-- Kamil Kreps is progressing, but PDeB says he still needs time for his injured shoulder to be ready for game action. Kreps told me he's aiming toward playing Monday when the Buffalo Bison come to town.

-- Today's Miami Herald Hockey Hero of the Day goes to the USAir pilot who made the decision to land in the Hudson River and not risk further loss of life. Everyone is safe and sound, except for the plane and the luggage and all those carry-on bags. A great ending to what could have been a tragic story. Glad I wasn't on that plane (although I was on a LaGuardia/Charlotte flight not too long ago).


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I was out there today and I saw both the mask and Pelts. I'm impressed by both! Andy's new dome is flippin' AWESOME, and just seeing Pelty out on the ice made me stand up and applaud! That dude is tough! I sprain my ankle and I need a paramedic... That guys BREAKS HIS FOOT, and he's still competing in the NHL! What a gamer!

yeah i agree with Van Murph
keep up the GReat work GR lol however i went on the hockey news website and i couldnt find anything, could you give us the link of the work you did for them?

the stuff I had to do the other day was more of a player poll...it hasn't been tabulated nor run yet...will link to it when it comes out...

GR, what's the hold up on Cory Murphy? Is he coming to Rochester or is part of a trade? We have been hit with the injury bug with a "D" and 4 forwards out as of last night. Sure could use him.

they are telling us nothing...he could be part of a trade, sure...

Great job GR... Did anyone report what bone in the foot broke?

NHL Network is showing the Randy Moller on voices at 7:30, however, it will be shown many times

Thanks for keeping us updated. I've spent so much time working on my Marlin Manatee moves I've missed too much hockey.

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