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Bon Jour from Montreal ... Remote Control Hockey: Florida Panthers @ Montreal Canadiens ... Craig Anderson IN

YouppiMONTREAL -- A special thanks to the good folks at Delta for getting me from Pittsburgh to Montreal today in plenty of time to catch Dan Marino on the CBS pregame show.

Oh, and in time for today's hockey game at Bell Center.

Got myself a new universal remote and the Dolphins on the press box television, so I'm good to go. Pucks and pigskin. A marriage made in heaven, at least for this guy.

And now, onto hockey. Craig Anderson gets the start for the second straight night, err, day. Nick Tarnasky also scratched for the second straight game.

Jacques Martin, Randy Sexton and Pierre Groulx are back with the team after spending time scouting the world juniors over in Ottawa, with the crew heading back to finish off what has been an exciting tournament so far. Sweden, with Florida's Jacob Markstrom in net, are in the finals against a favored Team Canada.

Guess who else is here? One Joe Nieuwendyk. Says he's rooting for the Dolphins today. And he says hello to everyone out there, including HG.

That's it for now, updates when the Dolphins are in commercial.

Just kidding!

-- Also, special thanks to DolphanDave for picking me up a touque at the Winter Classic. It's not only sweet, it's also very warm. And has come in handy today.

-- Montreal just awarded Maxim Lapierre the Molson Cup for the month of December. That hat trick in Sunrise sure didn't hurt.

-- And thanks to all the good folks in Pittsburgh who sent all those emails to me today. Good stuff. Enjoyed reading them all.



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Curse those Fins...lost DolPhanDave for the Cats game. Argh.

More great work, George. All the best from The Box.

Good stuff hanging in there through some serious adversity. Well done, Panthers.

Nice work to get the game into OT...At least they grab a point...The FSN camera work seemed to be off, they had a hard time following the puck. Was switching between Dolphins and Panthers games.

Happy they got a point. Hopefully we won't have this much trouble with Toronto and get back to South Florida with two more points. I have my fingers crossed.

LOL - Joey has no idea who i am. But thanks for the mention - I haven't been the same since he retired. More importantly what was he doing there and what was he wearing??? :-)

I'm glad you are staying warm w/ the touque, they came in handy @ the Classic. Before we had the Cats down here, i was a Wings fan so thats the one i got.
See you Thursday.

Has anyone been watching our lastest draft pick in the World Juniors Mr Markstrom. Let me just say the future is def bright for us in goal that kid is a stud. I can't wait to see him tomorrow night play on top of his head against canada. Go JACOB!!

Wow, your niece Annie seems really smart! Her parents must be so proud of her!

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