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Brett McLean on Sidney Crosby: 'The Kid' Says the Darndest Things

CosbyMONTREAL -- When Pittsburgh's Sidney Crosby was asked to explain why he jumped Florida's Brett McLean in the face-off circle during the second period of Saturday's game, he said he thought McLean was ready to fight.

It sure didn't look like it.

And now we know why. According to McLean, Crosby never said anything about fighting during the first period, although McLean admits Crosby did say something before the face-off. McLean adds he didn't hear what Crosby was saying.

Sidneycrosby Here's what Crosby told reporters Saturday: "I asked him to go, and he said yes. And usually, yes means yes. I mean, I wouldn't have wasted 20 minutes in the box for that. I guess he didn't take me serious. I don't know, it wasn't worth 20 minutes, though, that's for sure."

After Sunday's game in Montreal, I asked McLean what really happened. After declining comment at first, McLean was a touch more forthcoming.

''You can look at the video,'' he said, ''it speaks for itself.''

Brettmclean Did you discuss fighting him? ''We had not, at any point. It was as surprising to me as it was to you guys.''

Did you ever see it coming? ''No I didn't.''

Was Sidney jawing at you earlier in the game? ''Before the face-off, like I told you yesterday, he was saying something but I didn't really hear it. I didn't know what he was saying, didn't really pay attention to it.''

Did you ever say yes to him as he said? ''No, I mean, I don't know where that came from.''


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Crosby should be embarrassed. That was awful.

I've never liked Crosby since his rookie year when I saw a piece on NBC of him living with the Lemeiux's and Mrs. Lemeiux bringing his folded laundry to him. A few days later I remember seeing the Ovechkin interview in his Gtown townhouse, mattress on the floor, living like a college student with a mini fridge in his bedroom with "wodka wodka wodka cranberry wodka." awesome

Crosby and the Pens record this year speak to the type of leader he is.

Losing town, loser captain, loser organization.

When I saw that "fight" it reminded me of those videos of on youtube of punkass gangsta-wannabes running around sucker-punching unsuspecting victims for laughs. Unfortunately, I don't see Crosby getting his due on 3/5/09. Our guys have pretty short memories. Hopefully though, he'll end up with his face smeared on the BAC glass.

By the way George, that's an awesome photo of McLean in the article! :o)

You have to be careful if you want to go after a guy like Crosby. The refs probably want to protect him, if they have the feeling the Panthers are going after him. That will send you to the box too much. Just outhit him badly. Outhit his team. And take the two points. That's fine !

Clearly Maclean didn't hear him b/c his head was down and he was playing for the puck off the faceoff. That didn't stop Crosby from taking his cheap shots even when Maclean was down and clearly not engaging in the fight. The kid is a little punk and I really hope Tarnasky plays the next time they meet and gives it to him hard.

Even if McLean was suckering Crosby into some big penalty minutes he would have at least flinched when the blows started to rain down, which he didn't. The fact that he was plainly surprised is self-evident.

It really was pathetic. You guys should also read the Panther blogger on Hockeybuzz regarding this. He rips Sid pretty good, which is always a good thing IMO.

We got the 2 points, McLean didn't get injured and Crosby came away looking like a putz.

It's all good.

I hope and I'm sure it has been talked about in the locker rooms around the league. This was ugly. There is a code in the NHL and Cindy certainly crossed the line here. I hope the players police themselves and somebody gives Cindy a beating some day soon. You cant let this punk get away with this. The crying to the refs all the time is bad enough. I dont remember Gretzky and Lemuix being such crybabies and they certainly never pulled a punkass move like this. It was disgraceful, and yes even if he was on my team. I'd be embarrassed. If I was a player and he was on my team I'd tell him "if you ever pull a move like that again I'll kick your ass myself!"

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