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Cory Murphy Now With Lightning ... Buffalo Sabres @ Florida Panthers ... Ville Peltonen OUT Through All-Star Break ... Artyukhin Suspended

Murph3Cory Murphy is now a former member of the Florida Panthers, the 30-year-old defenseman picked up today off re-entry waivers by the Tampa Bay Lightning.

At least he isn't going too far.

Murphy has been waived twice by the Panthers, finally picked up when going through re-entry. This means Tampa Bay is only on the hook for half of Murphy's pro-rated salary (basically 25 percent of the $875,000 he's making this season).

Murphy is in the final season of a two-year deal he signed out of Europe at the end of the 2006-07 season.

In 57 games with the Panthers, Murphy had two goals and 16 assists. He missed ample time the past two seasons with shoulder injuries, his latest limiting him to seven games this season. He probably could have played in more, but the Panthers kept him on the shelf knowing he wasn't really needed. With Noah Welch, Florida has seven healthy defensemen, so Murphy was No. 8.

Murphy2 He spent two weeks with AHL Rochester before being recalled and subsequently waived for a second time. Murphy was also put on waivers at the start of the season, but the Panthers put him back into play when Bryan Allen and Bryan McCabe got hurt.

Hope to have something from Murph later in the day. Best of luck to him, he is one of the good guys in this league for sure. Don't know if he'll be in the lineup for Tampa Bay tonight against the Stars or not.

-- Pete DeBoer didn't give any specifics on Ville Peltonen's injured knee, but said he's out through the All-Star Break at least.

-- Nick Boynton didn't practice today because of the flu and will not play tonight. Welch gets a rare spot in the lineup.

-- Kamil Kreps is back, and he's centering the fourth line with Nick Tarnasky and Anthony Stewart. Brett McLean takes Peltonen's spot on the CPR line.

-- Tampa Bay's Evgeny Artyukhin told the Tampa boys that he's been suspended two games by the league for his knee-on-knee hit on Peltonen. He adds that he apologized to the league for his actions.


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Artyukhin is lowlife garbage. He's not a tough player, he's a dirty player. Someone, someday will have the nads to take him "out".

wow it just gets better all the time being affiliated with the Panthers organization. we have seven guys out of the lineup in Rochester and Murphy is recalled for re-entry waivers. well done.

the good news: only 2 1/2 seasons left in this garbage affiliation.

Give it time Schlag. It is our first year and next year will be better. We will have draft picks who can play as well as more veterans plugged into the system.

Nick, please don't kid yourself.

Next year will be better? We have been saying this during this entire decade and we have seen no results. Don't say this season is a result because they are not even in the top 8 right now.

A decade of horrible draft picks and pathetic trades. Most of our good picks have either been traded or walked away from this loser organization.

Yea, Rust/dandonov etc.. will be in Rochester next season, BIG WOOOOP. PPL are saying Ellerby is playing well, all I see is a -10. I doubt thats playing good.

Panthers needs to keep winning and make the playoffs. Tonight is a huge test vs. a team we need to catch and will have the ability to tie if we win in reg tonight.

mister From CT - i drove down to providence last night and saw the amerks beat a pretty good bruins team. they are playing solid hockey. in case you haven't noticed, they are something like 12-6-3 since acquiring a goalie who can stop pucks. pls give this negative stuff a break... sheez.

and if anyone bothered to read comments from rochester, it's acknowledged that the panthers passed murphy through reentry waivers to make it an easy decision for someone to pick him up and give him a chance to play for an NHL contract next year. iow, they did something very cool. the amerks fans and press are cool with the move as well so get over yourself, schlag.

meanwhile, the panthers continue to show improvement and are on the bubble with games in hand despite a so-so start. you have to crawl before you can walk, people. unbelievable. this has been a great season thus far.

We in Rochester cannot wait for this affiliation to be over. We've been pleading with our owner to find an early out.


Why not post on your own papers site. The purpose of taking a shot at our organization here is what????

Here's an idea Fred, go tell someone who gives a good crap.

A lot of people here in Rochester are disgruntled with the Panthers and they have the right to be. Nothng has turned out as it was expected. Yes, things have turned around since they signed Brodeur, but things still have a long ways to go.. if you read local things in Rochester people say the same thing they've said here. No one wants to hear about draft picks being awesome after the poor start by Matthias, he could prove everyone wrong, until then...

Enough with the Rochester stuff.

Suck it up, cupcakes. We're trying to make the playoffs for the first time since Bill Clinton was president. You can get on with your battles with the Crunch, et al. anytime.

Help will come. It's barely been a season. Give us a break here. You've had a team forever and it hasn't always been roses and sunshine on the shores of Lake Ontario. Things will turn around and we will build down there as well.

I know it's tough to be patient, but look at us clowns down here who have waited for two home playoff games forever.

Nobody wants a crappy farm team. We don't either. Give us a chance here. Rome (nor Rochester) was not built in a day.

Hang in there, Amerks. You have a solid hockey city and things are going to turn up.

Cats are tied for 8th in the East. Could this be the year?

Is David Booooth THE man, or what? If the Cats do make it into the playoffs, thankfully, they won't have to worry about shootouts. Ouch!

Cory Murphy scored an assist in last night Lightning win. Good for him. Time to beat down Dallas and go into the All-Star break on a high note. GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!!!!

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