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Saturday at the Lighthouse: Florida Panthers @ New York Islanders ... David Booth 'Illing' ... Tomas Vokoun In

Islandergirl1 UNIONDALE, N.Y. -- Good evening from high above the Nassau Coliseum, a place nicknamed 'The World's Most Famous Arena.'

The Panthers are looking for their third straight win, looking to cap off quite a month. Since losing here 4-2 on Dec. 31, the Cats have gone 7-1-3 -- one of their most successful months in team history.

A win tonight gives Florida eight wins this month, second only to January 2000 when the Cats won nine (and then went to the playoffs for the last time).

Here are the Panthers' best months ever as far as wins go:

10: Nov. 1995; March 2006
9: Jan. 2000; March 2007
8: Oct. 1996; Dec. 1995; Dec. 2005; March 2008

As you can see, the Panthers play very well in March, winning a total of 27 games in that month the past three seasons. If that trend continues, well, figure that one out yourself.

Brinkley -- Last time Panthers had seven wins in a single month was December; they failed to get No. 8, losing four straight to close the month. That final loss: here at the Coliseum.

-- David Booth missed the morning skate today with the flu and will not play tonight. Booth is quite Gangsta, so he must really be sick.

-- Tomas Vokoun gets the start in net.

-- General consensus around the Panthers regarding Super Bowl 43: Steelers.

-- Also scratched tonight: Old pal Jon Sim.

-- 'Deal' of the Night: You can purchase an Islanders replica jersey for $99 (regular $125)! But if you want to put a name and number on it, add $75.

-- Meet me at the Lighthouse!

-- The Lines without Booth: Cory Stillman-Stephen Weiss-Michael Frolik; Richard Zednik-Nathan Horton-Brett McLean; CPR; Nick Tarnasky-Kamil Kreps-Anthony Stewart.


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Hey George. Just a heads up, the place known as "the worlds most famous arena" is Madison Square Garden a few miles away in Manhattan. Does the Moselium still look like a bottom rung shopping mall?

sorry, you are wrong. I've never even heard of that other arena you are talking about...


Who scored for the Islanders?

Looks like the crowd at islander games makes our fan base look like montreals... Wow they need to move!


a couple more loses vs. NYI and TOR we might be sellers when its all said and done. Bouwmeester might be dealt and this team goes down in the dumps.

Isn't it ridiculous how a few loses can turn this franchise around in such a negative way, but a few wins in a row makes it so much better. This team is too bipolar to be a legit playoff team right now.

JH, you were expecting a sell-out for the last place team in the NHL, playing another dead from the neck up franchise?

Hey jh,

Don't throw stones in glass houses fool...People in KC, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Seattle, Las Vegas say the same thing about your team.

At least we can beat some of the better teams. LOL The Isles just have our #. There's no other explanation.

John, I am expecting the Long Island wealthy community of millions who were blessed with 4 consecutive stanley cups and embrace hockey to not abandon the team during rough times with a smaller sth base then we have...and I am sick of people picking on our fan base when thre are more pathetic examples .. and the islanders are much more likely to go to KC as their arena is a disaster and there is no optimism for a new one...

Winnipeg? LOL they couldnt hold the jets, who are we going to look at next, quebec??

Thus its not glass houses issue my friend Mr. O, its citing examples of other franchises that should be focused on and getting off our backs....

Oh and John, they couldnt even sell out last week playing the blueshirts, and a sellout there is 15,000,even with the help of the blueshirt faithful, in what many characterize as one of the great rivalries.

so that ends your dead from the neck up argument.


I don't care about any Canadian on "our backs" regarding our franchise. Truth is, they never wanted us nor Tampa to ever get one anyway.

jh, try not to worry about what others think, you'll get through life alot better. All th ePanthers have to do is "take care of business" and the ticket will be hot. Just like it used to be.

As for Long Island, I hate to actually defend these "people"..but if you think the economy is bad here, try paying $13,000 a year in property taxes when the only help wanted signs are in fast food joints and WalMart. Big problems on the Island..add in a crappy product and a horrendous building, I think filling your gas tank and maybe purchasing a few steaks instead of hamburgers for the week may be the way to go for now.

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