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It's Official: Rostislav Olesz to have Surgery on Wednesday

Olesz1 The Panthers have announced Rostislav Olesz will have surgery on his sports hernia injury on Wednesday.

We have known for a while that Olesz's groin injury was indeed a sports hernia, and JM said last week that he would need surgery for it.

Today's announcement is just letting everyone know the date of said surgery. And, as you've read before, it'll be done in Philadelphia. Officially: the surgery will be done at Hahnemann University Hospital in Philly by Dr. William Meyers.

JM says Olesz should be out eight weeks, but since some football players have come back from this surgery in as few as five weeks, it may not take that long.

JM told me that players like Gregory Campbell had long recovery times from this, but this was during the offseason when there wasn't as much pressure to get back. I wouldn't be surprised to see Olesz back practicing in five weeks and back in the lineup in six-seven weeks. Semantics, I know.

Even at eight weeks, Olesz could be back by March 23 against Carolina, giving him 10 games (perhaps more, playoff heads) back with the team.


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I guess Olesz will have plenty of time to redecorate Olli's house.

One of Martin's major blunders.

Yeppppp 3.25 wasted on a guy who has 5 points in 20+ games and now is having surgery. Horrible sign by JM, said it at the time, OLESZ HAS NOT PROVEN A THING! WHY GIVE HIM 6 YEARS? HORRIBLE ORGANIZATION!

Im not one to defend JM,but you guys act like he knew Olesz was going to miss this many games.

Any GM would resign their top 10 pick for that kind of money.

Im goin to have to agree with Category5Cane y wouldnt you sign ur top 10 pick. I think this kid have alot of talent, INJ r apart of the game and its happens. I wouldnt give up on this kid let hes still young only 23...I think he can be a big part down the strech and help us in the playoffs.

Olesz has a history of injury. They didn't HAVE TO sign him to such a HUGE contract...Look at some of the other players, look at the performance..then look at the salaries. Don't give me that "what COULD he do crap"..BAD SIGNING.

injuries ARE a part of the game. olesz has proven that he has the ability to score 20+ goals in a season, although he hasn't played a full season since, what, '06? we need him back in the lineup, considering when you look at our 4th line and their whopping 6 points (something like that) on the season.

young newman,

I understand this may be your first year as a hockey fan, but for what it's worth. The money paid to Olesz..I'm probably thinking that Mr Martin didn't have him penciled in helping the 4th line scoring...

Thanks for playing.

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