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Jay Bouwmeester an All-Star ... BCS Night at the Billboard: Carolina Gators @ Florida Sooners ... Tomas Vokoun IN ... Rostislav Olesz Out Longer ... Kamil Kreps Close

JayboallstarMeant to post this earlier in the day, but had a lot of running around to do with all my Gator friends in town for some game that's being played down here. Anyone know when that game is?

All I know is the Panthers are playing tonight, and I'm sure the eyes of South Florida will be focused securely on the matchup between Carolina and the Panthers. I mean, what else could be going on tonight? It's a Thursday. What are you going to do, hit up Jai-alai?

Actually, that's not a bad plan.

Tonight's game isn't on TV because of those Gators, so please come back and join me right here for another edition of LIVE! with the Panthers. Will be coming to you live from atop the arena around 7.

Boallstar2 As most know by now, Jay Bouwmeester was named to the 2009 All-Star Game to be played later this month in Montreal. Jay was his usual enthused self today, adding that it's an honor to be selected, an honor to play in Montreal, but added that some guys might rather have the time off. Here's betting Jay is one of those guys.

The young stars will be announced tomorrow; Michael Frolik is in the running for sure.

-- Pete DeBoer told us today that, as expected, Tomas Vokoun gets his second straight start.

-- Pete also says that Rostislav Olesz is a bit away from his groin injury, but that Kamil Kreps' injured shoulder is getting better and he'll be skating on Friday. He could be back within the week.

That doesn't sound to be the case for Olesz. He skated today, but came off the ice in obvious pain, saying ''the only thing I know is I don't know anything.'' He says he's still hurting and doesn't know why; MRIs haven't revealed anything major. He says he's going to meet with more doctors tonight before the game. Olesz has been out a month now, and it could be a lot longer before he returns. We'll see.

Schooner Gatorgirl -- Pete on his pick for the BCS Title: ''Do I even have a choice being a coach in Florida? It's Florida.''

I gestured that he could pick Oklahoma if he really wanted to, but he declined.

''You can get away with that, I can't.''


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i really hope frolik gets a shot to play in the young stars game he deserves it.

Olesz is a cup-cake. Big bucks for no bang.

Too bad about Olesz! Mgmt was hoping for a big year from him.

Olesz has the skill but no will-injury prone like VanRyan-I thought he would really develop but he is going other way.NOW I see why Martin sent him down last year-he could be a negative influence on rest of players.At least we lucked out with Frolik.That is a future all star barring injury.

GR-Any news about Bouw's future? I bring this up as with the new year he can talk contract with JM and JM has told ESPN he will likely trade Jay if not signed by the trading deadline regardless of the Panthers Playoff Prospects. http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/columns/story?columnist=lebrun_pierre&id=3818303

George, I just wish to get this correct:

FSN pulled the plug on a previously-scheduled game, yes? And presumably at the last minute?

If that is indeed the case, then:

Wouldn't the equipment already be in place, the advertisers signed, the broadcast team booked, the airtime locked, etc?

What do they lose by just going ahead with it? And if this was a "bump", which non-scheduled game will be used as a make-up in order to fulfill the 65-game contract? Or do the Panthers care?

Completely agree this was a terrible night to book a hockey game in South Florida. However, it was done, we've got a hot divisional match, and once more we're being given evidence of hockey fans' "second citizen" status.

Sorry for the cornucopia of question marks, but in the words of so many Cats after losses: It's frustrating.

Enjoy the game, bro.

fsn/sun is married to the gators now, they just wrote a huge check and is locked in with them for better or worse for a long, long time...they know no one is going to watch tonight's game; the ratings would be horrendous. So, they dropped the game and added saturday's game against atlanta. of course, that one starts at 1, so the ratings for that will be crummy too...I just don't think fsn wants to do anything to compete with the gator. for all I know, jeremy foley asked them to drop it and they did. just kidding with that last one. foley doesn't know who the panthers are....

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