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LIVE! All-Star Saturday in Montreal

Allstarlogo MONTREAL -- Greetings from Bell Center in what-kind-of-crap-weather-is-this Montreal. It's said to be minus 2 right now (in Farenheit, of course), with a wind chill of minus-20 -- and sinking.

Yeah, they might want to start rotating these things between Sunrise, Tampa, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Las Vegas. Starting in 2011.

First off, apologies for not posting earlier today. Woke up sick as a dog, and Montrealsnow seriously thought about skipping tonight's festivities and instead watching  them from the comfort and warmth of the Marriott. But that wouldn't be Kosher, so here I am, sitting by myself so not to get anyone else sick. Will not be shaking many hands today.

The players are coming down the red carpet as we speak, and will have more from guys as the night goes along. Will have your exclusive reactions from Florida boys Michael Frolik and Jay Bouwmeester the next two nights, so please come on back.

-- In case you missed it, here's my story on Frolik that ran in today's edition of your Miami Herald. Also, here's a special edition of the Panther Report, now simply the All-Star Report. 

-- Coming tomorrow: Frolik and Bouwmeester's Saturday night and more, more and more Bouwmeester.