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LIVE! From the All-Star Game (Kinda) ... Jay Bouwmeester Ties It @ 11

The NHL's internet service is top notch as usual. Been trying to get online for about two hours now, and I refuse to plug in the aircard and get killed by the vultures who are Rogers Wireless and Canadian Bell again (my tab for one night of internet at the wireless-less NHL draft in Ottawa was over $1,000 before it was negotiated down).

So anyway, not much to report here. Jay Bouwmeester has an assist, I'm ticked off and everything else is normal (well, me being ticked off is pretty normal too).

If you're watching this All-Star Game from home, you should know it is just a little better in person. I don't know how people are watching this on television, though. The league and the Canadiens have put on a great show, from the terrific pregame (loved both anthems, and the Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir needs to perform O Canada at every single NHL event from now on) and the way the Habs have brought out some of their greats during timeouts.

This is a fun event, Broward's own Roberto Luongo is miked up for Hockey Night in Canada (Don Cherry is wearing some pink flowered number that is pretty impressive up close) and everyone seems to be enjoying the festive atmosphere.

-- Bouwmeester just tied the score at 11, scoring with less than four minutes left in the game. We better not be going to overtime...


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What a fun game! Kudos to Jay for the game-tying goal!

Hey GR, any word on how many years left on that Bouwmeester kid's contract?

One day, he'll be a great NHLer...

Hey BO please dont GO!! The Panthers need you!

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