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LIVE! In Montreal with YoungStar Michael Frolik and now All-Star Jay Bouwmeester

Frolikbo MONTREAL -- Just left the visitors locker room at Bell Center where the rookie team is hanging out. Michael Frolik's freshman team beat the sophomores 9-5, the two teams playing three, 10-minute periods of three-on-three hockey.

It was interesting, I guess. Not much drama, not much intensity. But the guys seemed to be having fun.

Frolik looks like a wide-eyed kid, soaking up all the festivities and definitely living in the moment.

''The people here are crazy so it's been a lot of fun,'' he said. ''We had a packed house for our practice. That was cool. It was so exciting. It's great, just walking the red carpet. So many people were there. It was amazing. It's something I'll never forget.''

Don't think that Frolik forgets where he came from, however; while most of the first-year players were lounging in the dressing room and watching the skills competition, Frolik was in his Florida Panthers workout gear, doing his postgame routine.

So there you go, Andy O'Brien.

''The first day was the media stuff and it was real cool,'' Frolik said. ''It's awesome to be here. I liked the red carpet the most. One moment I was watching on TV, the next I was there and on the TV. It was really exciting. It's nice to see how people know who you are. It was nice giving the autographs.''

-- As far as the game goes, Frolik was held off the scorecard. Yes, nine goals and Frolik leaves without so much as an assist.

''It was fine, awesome to be with the YoungStars and meet the other players,'' Frolik said. ''Everyone here has been so nice.''

Hey, he can make up for that on Tuesday when the Panthers play host to the Flyers.

''I'm looking forward to Tuesday,'' he said.

-- Jay Bouwmeester finished fourth in the fastest skater competition, then went 1-for-2 in the shootout.

''Today is kind of the long day of the weekend,'' Bouwmeester said, ''with the practice, then the skills event. But it's been a lot of fun. I'm really looking forward to playing in the game. The atmosphere here is great. It's neat to be around. I'm enjoying this.''

Bo says he has some friends in town, so that has made for an enjoyable weekend. And even though he's an Edmonton kid, Bo is cold. Just like the guy covering him from Miami. So it ain't just me, OK?

''My girlfriend is here, and a friend of mine I didn't even know was coming called me today,'' Bo says. ''So that's cool. It's too bad it's so cold out because you really can't go out and see the city too much.''

-- PS: Good to see Alex Ovechkin and Evgeny Malkin getting along again, isn't it? In case you missed it, the two (who have been fueding of late) shook hands yesterday. Tonight, Malkin helped Ovechkin get dressed for his breakaway challenge.

Ovechkinsandals Ovechkin looked like a typical Hollywood beach tourist, slipping on a floppy hat (with a Canadian flag sticking out the top), oversized white sunglasses and two sticks, working the puck as if he was searching the beach with a metal detector looking for lost treasure.

All he needed to finish the look were some garish plaid shorts (or, lest we suggest a yello Speedo) and a pair of sandals. With black socks, of course.