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LIVE! Rolling with Don King ... Boxing at the Billboard ... Philadelphia Flyers @ Florida Panthers ... Ville Peltonen, Tomas Vokoun IN

Donkingpanthers  The anticipation at the Big Billboard in Sunrise is high; there's about to be a press conference here announcing some kind of boxing event.

Don King will be here -- as well as Michael Yormark and Jordan Zimmerman! -- to announce the bout which is being nicknamed 'The St. Valentines Day Massacre.'

If you couldn't see that one coming, well, too bad for you.

Will have updates from here after we get done with the buffet (there is no food) and the open bar (I just got a Diet Coke).

Hope you come back for the fun (I doubt there will be much fun. But the unintentional comedy should be through the roof).

-- Michael Yormark just walked onto the dais and said 'Only in America.' Unintentional comedy from the get!

-- Don King is wearing a studded jean jacket, carrying a number of flags, including those of the USA, Florida and Israel. Donking3 They have a special Panthers jersey for him. This is terrific. And the Diet Coke is cold.

-- Don King: ''We have the cold, from the Panthers on the ice, to the heat, in our fighters who will be fighting in the Valentines Day Massacre.''

Apparently Zimmerman came up with the Massacre nickname. Again, a natural fit.

-- DK says he's bringing in the police and military personnel. Don't know if that means free admission, but it's worth a shot.

-- DK has lost his ringing cellphone.

-- Yormark just yawned. And now his eyes are closed.

-- Apparently Rick Sanchez will be here for the bout as well. Even more reasons to find something better to do. Just kidding Ricky.

-- Bloggers are also going to be welcomed. Good for them.

-- Actually should be a fun event. I just wouldn't hold it on Valentines Day. Some of us fellas have plans that night.

-- DK: ''This is an unorthodox program.'' Really?

-- DK: "Michael [Yormark] has a twin. You really don't know which guy is which.''

-- DK: "I love those Panthers.''

-- Jordan Zimmerman says the fights will be live on HBO, and that everyone should ''bring their little sweeties'' to the bouts. He did not say if he would cover the cost of your divorce.

-- DK: "We want the Panthers to win, although Philadelphia is where they made the constitution.''

-- Anthony Stewart and Noah Welch met up with King before the press conference.

-- Awesome: Don King brings up BankAtlantic, then rips banks for taking the bailout and not loaning anyone money. Classic. Yormark cringed. This is terrific stuff.

-- DK: ''Michael Yormark is a terrific soldier. If you're lost in the desert, he'll be there.''

-- DK: "I'm going to give you some great boxing.''

-- Congrats to old pal Mark Whipple for being named OC of your Miami Hurricanes.

-- DK has spent the past 10 minutes talking about who is going to cater the food to the arena. I'm lost. Apparently Zimmerman is in charge of this.

-- OK, I've been here an hour. That's enough. Good day, eh.

-- Take that back: Nate Campbell is a gold mine.

On his opponent Ali Funeka: ''I'm going to beat him like he stole something.'' ... ''I'm going to put my foot places ... actually, I'm not going to go there.'' I think he also predicted a knockout.

Why can't we get quotes like this out of the Panthers?

-- DK: ''You can see our fighters are learned. They can speak.''

-- John Jackson, a Miami guy: ''On Feb. 14, you're going to see some fireworks.'' He's 13-1 with 13 KOs.


Pete DeBoer says the CPR Line is back and operational, Ville Peltonen in the lineup tonight. PDeB says that line personifies the way the Panthers play this game we call hockey, and expects more good work out of them tonight against the Flyers.

As far as lineups go, Nick Tarnasky is the odd forward out; Nick Boynton is back in, Noah Welch back out.

Tomas Vokoun is back in tonight and Martin Biron is in the cage for the Flyers.