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Ask Gary Bettman ... On Frozen Poll: Helsinki Edition

Bettman Good afternoon and greetings from sunny Sunrise (where the sun meets the ice).

The Panthers are in good spirits these days, what with Tuesday's mega-comeback against Toronto followed by a 5-0 pasting of Carolina on Tobacco Road.

The Panthers play host to the Rangers tonight, one of the teams Florida is chasing in the Eastern Conference. A regulation win, and Florida is one point back of the Rangers and the Flyers. That's pretty unreal.

(On a side note, The Jerk is on HBO Comedy right now. Awesome. Naven Johnson is one of my heroes. True story. Says something about me, too.)

Anyway, the Commish is in town tonight. Yep, Gary Bettman is here and is going to meet with the media before joining season ticket holders. For those of you who can't make it, feel free to offer up some questions you would like me to ask. Just leave your question under this post as a comment. Keep it clean, and keep it relevant. The NHL Commish doesn't care about the Heat trade nor whether or not the Marlins will be getting a new ballpark.

Feel free to ask questions about Steve Martin's early comedy work though.

-- Today's On Frozen Poll has to do with the Panthers agreeing to play Chicago in Helsinki, Finland next season. Do you think it's a good idea? Is the exposure worth the week of travel and having to recover from that upon return? Will you miss seeing the Blackhawks in SoFla next season? Your answers, next!