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Craig Anderson Starts ... Tarnasky In, McLean Out ... Panthers @ Bruins

BOSTON -- Grabbing some lunch at the famous Fours across from the Garden and offering up some news via the Blackjack.

Tomas Vokun made it through practice, but Craig Anderson will start. Fourth line remains the same as Saturday, Nick Tarnasky in and Brett McLean out.

More, as always, later. Cheers.

George Richards

The Miami Herald

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Fine with Andy... Tivo can rest, Andy has earned that occasional start and who knows when he will be needed next.

Hard GR to buy the poverty whines of the panthers when Sunrise entertainment bringing in big $$$ ... tragic if they just let jaybo go without improving for THIS year...

TVO must still be sick.

Andy in, good I want to see what he can do vs this Boston team. Hope he can shut them down like Tvo did.

Bouwmeester needs to be traded NOW! Get something done JM, I don't want to just miss out on the playoffs and lose Bouw for nothing. You will lose more and more fans that way.

Get a deal made and move on!

Agreed 120% with Brian from CT. Move JayBo in the next week, PLEASE. Unless he has a complete change of heart and signs a contract in the next 48 hours...

Glad Andy is in; give the guy a start. TVO needs to rest anyway.

Yes, it would be tragic to trade JayBo for draft picks only, without a player in return who can help us this season in our push for the playoffs. These next 5 games prior to the trade deadline are exremely important! Hopefully, we can win 3 out 5.

I agree, trade Jay. I'd rather him sign long term, but since we know that won't happen, let's get something for him. After nine years, what's one more year of possibly missing the playoffs. It's not like we are in the top 3 in the conference in which case I could see keeping Bo. We seem to be building something of consequence here, let's stay on track instead of throwing everything out the window for one playoff run like Atlanta did a couple of years ago. Look at them now.

Brian you got to be a lot more confident then "just miss", no? We have games in hand, the sabres biggest star is out, the rags are hurting,...we are not a lock but 85% chance, and once we ar ein well, in hockey, who knows?

But if we sell off OUR best player...20% chance...

jyo, weve covered this before...jay is gone sooner or later, doesnt compare anything to Atlanta...what do you think we would get for a rentaplayer like jaybo anyway????

I wouldn't be surprised if he signed another 1 year deal, but if not, I say you definitely have to trade him by March 4th. He is solid, but he can be replaced. Ballard could take on more minutes. You would hope to make another deal for at least an extra Dman, if one isn't packaged in the deal...There's too much risk by not trading him, as the return after March 4th drastically declines. I like the Philly package with Hartnell, prospect, and at least a 2nd....Not a fan of Lupul either.

It sounds like J-BO and his father want him to play in Canada. He doesn't fit in as a Philly type player, so they can only offer so much for a rental...I wouldn't even mind sending him to Toronto for Antropov, Kubina or White, and a pick...Either way, the player can't have that much control over the team. While he's at it, JM should give Horton a new home and send a serious message to all...

I would not cry if horton found a new home, but he is signed for a good price, has some upside, but damn if he doesnt shoot more im going to throw rats at him not for him

we will NOT miss the playoffs even if they trade Jay. They'll get good enough return, and the team jells. That's what has me MORE concerned than the eventual trade..that the new players can jell...I'm confident we get a good return. Better to do it NOW!

J-Yo: What's 1 more year of missing the playoffs? I don't know about you but I'm tired of losing, especially cause I spend time and $$$ watching these guys! In hockey, half the team makes the playoffs, so if it's pretty bad when your team doesn't make it, much less 8 years in a row!

I'd like to trade UFA JayBo ($4.5M) and Horton ($4M) to Pittsburgh for Ryan Whitney (who is already signed to a multiyear contract at $4M a year) and a 1st rounder, then go out and try to acquire a good center next week with the 1st rounder and remaining money. Also, try to peddle McLean ($1.75M) for a 7th rounder, just to get rid of him and his contract for when we resign Booth. Sure, I know it won't happen but hey, I can dream.

need more than Whitney and a number 1 for JayBo and Horton, through in Staal and that is a good trade

I would not give up on Horton just yet........He just has to shoot more!!!!!! How about Whitney and #1 for Jay?

jh, the point is we are so desperate for a playoff birth many are willing to throw caution to to wind just like Atlanta did. Our core group of players is signed for at least another year and showing a lot of promise. If we can add a player or two while the team continues to jell, we can go from a team hovering around the bottom of the playoff bracket to being a serious force within the conference kind of like Boston from last year to this. We have changed course so many times in this drought, I don't want the team to loose its mindset for one year as a seventh seed. I'd like to see us compete at a high level for years to come (as we all do) and I feel trading Bo since we all know he doesn't want to be here is our best course of action.

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