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Happy President's Day: A Panthers Holiday ... New Sheriff in Pitt ... Standings, Scoreboard Watch

Presidentday Happy Monday to you, a day off for many I'm sure. The Panthers decided to take today off, so there isn't much to report today.

The Panthers are coming off a second loss to Washington in just over a week, the loss snapping Florida's three game winning streak.

Harrisonford Hard to believe, but the Panthers have yet to win four straight this season. The loss also snapped a five game winning streak at the Billboard.

As for last night's scoreboard watch, Florida's loss didn't sting so badly. Carolina won to pull within three points of the last playoff spot, but the Canes beat Buffalo so the Panthers stay tied for seventh. With Independanceday Montreal losing to the Luongos and the Rangers losing to Philly, Florida remains just two points out of fifth. Philadelphia is five points up in fourth.

And, we should probably congratulate the Capitals for a second straight Southeast Division championship. The Panthers are not catching them now.

-- The Penguins fired Michel Therrien last night after the Penguins played yet another bad game in Toronto on Saturday night. Therrien, who led the Pens to the Stanley Cup Finals last season, had been rumored to be on the hot seat in Pitt since the begining of the season.

Office Dan Bylsma is the new bench boss in Steeltown, coming up to the big leagues from the Scranton branch. 

Former Panther Tom Fitzgerald, the team's director of player development, is moving down to ice level to be an assistant to Bylsma. The Penguins have an afternoon game today against the Islanders. It looks like Bylsma and the Pens get their first win together.

-- Today's Schedule -- And who the Panthers Will Be Rooting For

Pens@Isles, 2: Panthers have to root on the Isles just to keep the Pens at bay. A Pitt win, and the Pens are three points back.

Stars@Jackets, 7: No interest, although both are playing pretty good.

Rangers@Blues, 7: Rooting on the Blues. Panthers are two back of the Rangers -- who looked horrible yesterday at home against the Phillies.

Sens@Preds, 8: No interest, although everyone loves the Preds. They are scrappy!

Oilers@Coyotes, 9:30: Last five games for Olli -- 0 goals, 2 assists, minus-5

Thrash@Kings, 10:30: Have to think the Thrash gets rolled after taking down the Ducks last night. Atlanta can't do it twice.

1 NE 57 39 10 8 86 192 130 19-4-4 20-6-4 5-2-3 Lost 4
2 ATL 57 37 17 3 77 179 141 19-10-1 18-7-2 8-2-0 Won 4
3 SE 57 36 16 5 77 191 163 22-4-1 14-12-4 6-2-2 Won 2
4 ATL 55 30 16 9 69 179 161 16-7-3 14-9-6 6-4-0 Won 2
5 NE 57 30 21 6 66 172 172 17-6-4 13-15-2 3-7-0 Lost 1
6 ATL 57 30 21 6 66 143 160 17-9-3 13-12-3 3-5-2 Lost 2
7 SE 56 28 20 8 64 160 155 15-7-5 13-13-3 7-3-0 Lost 1
8 NE 57 29 22 6 64 168 159 16-11-2 13-11-4 5-4-1 Lost 1

9 SE 57 28 24 5 61 146 166 14-12-1 14-12-4 6-4-0 Won 1
10 ATL 57 27 25 5 59 171 175 15-12-2 12-13-3 4-5-1 Lost 1
11 NE 56 21 25 10 52 171 206 10-10-6 11-15-4 4-3-3 Won 1
12 NE 54 21 25 8 50 135 155 12-9-5 9-16-3 5-4-1 Won 4
13 SE 56 19 26 11 49 142 176 10-11-7 9-15-4 4-5-1 Lost 1
14 SE 57 20 32 5 45 165 198 9-17-2 11-15-3 3-7-0 Won 1
15 ATL 55 16 33 6 38 134 187 10-12-4 6-21-2 4-4-2 Lost 5


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Thrashers traded Mathieu Schneider to the Montreal Canadiens.

I personally would think its a slap in the face to us fans if JM doens't go out and improve this team for a playoff push.

If he goes into the deadline and comes out with the same team, we are def not gona make it. We don't have enough weapons to continue to play like this.

Horton btw is not the answer at center. How many posts has he hit this year, gotta be like 20+

Pens only get One point.

I will take that!!!


Tell us exactly what player do you think the Panthers should go after, and what do we give up to get him?

We can go round n round on whether to deal Bouwmeester or not. Craig Anderson will NOT be with the team next year because he's UFA, do you risk dealing him during a playoff push. We will lose him for nothing.

The perenial "trading pawns" around here were Pelts, Dvo, Zed, so do you want to part with any of those. personally I'd like to see how /if Horton would come alive during the playoffs.

Unless Martin throws in the towel and deals Bouw (should get a top center and a 2nd liner D man, and possibly a low pick) I don't think there will be any drastic change. And I do think the Cats make the playoffs anyway. Are they as good as the Capitals? No. But if the Panthers finish in the 5th or 6th spot, they may actually win a series.

Well I am happy that Horton is finally shooting the puck...he is afraid to shoot...if he hits 20 posts that means he is at least shooting!!!!!

If you hit 20 posts it means you are getting the puck on the net, and as Denis says "The best pass in hockey is a rebound!"

Lets go Cats!

We should deal Anderson IF Markstrom is ready to be called up.

Whats going on with Tyler Plante?

I would look to Edmonton and look at Penner and Cogliano in a deal with a 1st rounder obviously. I like the Hartnell JVR and a 1st from Flyers.

We'll see though. The future is all on JM and the moves he's about to make or not make in 2 weeks.


How in the living heck could you deal Anderson, and then rely on ANY of the Panther goaltenders in the system? If Vokoun went down, you'd rely on Markstrom that quickly? In a playoff race..and through it?

We need Andy, and he'll play out his string here, then go. That's a given. Yes he does have trade value, but we can't do it.

As far as trading Bouw for that Edmonton package, that particualr package is not enough, and just because Edmonton made a bad deal for Pennar, doesn't mean we need to bail them out of it. Besides, IMO any potential deal with Edmonton must include Sam Gagne.

The Hartnell deal is the most interesting, and the most discussed everywhere. I still am not wild about it.

I agree with mr. obvious although I would take Nilsson over Gagner. Rather keep Bou for the playoffs but Cogliano, Nilsson, Smid and a first round pick would be juicy. I would not trade to Flyers or any Eastern Conference team that we would have to play in playoffs. Andy is a keeper, playoff insurance. Penner is slow, you need speed to work in the Panthers system.

I'm drooling over JVR in a Panther jersey. Hartnell is a perfect DeBoer, in your face player too. Throw in a 2nd (1st if he resigns) Damn NTC!!!

I think if JVR was on the table for Bo the deal would be done. He could step in right away next year and be a capable replacement.

I've been happy with Horton at center lately - he's scoring goals and settling into the position. If Bo isn't traded for a center, we'd have to give up a pretty prospect for a top 2 line center and right now I like our depth in our organization.

If Martin doesn't have to part with a prospect and can use Bo to make the organization better overall, I'm all about that.

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