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Hello from Jersey: Florida Panthers @ New Jersey Devils 1 p.m. ... Craig Anderson IN ... Cory Stillman OUT

Soprano NEWARK, N.J. -- Hello from the Mile High Press Box in Newark, where you definitely have a better view of the ice than I do.

And many of you are in South Florida.

I think I can see Hoboken from here.

Anyway, Craig Anderson makes his third straight start today, Tomas Vokoun is dressed but apparently not good enough to go.

Vokoun is lucky in one regard: The team is taking a train to Washington after the game so the pressure of an airplane won't mess with his inner ear infection. At least not until Monday's flight to the 'ATL' that is.

-- Cory Stillman is out a second straight game with an injured foot. I earlier reported that it was his ankle based off information I was given, but as Stillman said ''you were close.'' It's his foot. Says it's badly bruised and he can't get the foot into his skate boot without serious pain. He should have just left it on.

-- Nick Boynton is also out, likely watching on television from home.

-- Martin Brodeur in net for the Devils -- who, interestingly enough, have a priest walking around press level. I can't make stuff like this up.

-- The Lines: CPR; Frolik-Weiss-Booth; Zed-Horton-McLean; Stew-Kreps-Tarn. D Combos: Bo/Skrastins; Ballard/McCabe; Welch/Cullimore.

-- Last night's scores (and how they affected the Panthers): Montreal beats Philly, but it comes in overtime. So, another three point game. Habs now three points up on FLA in fifth, Philly six points up in fourth. Pittsburgh beats Chicago in a wild overtime affair, the Pens picking up two clutch points. Pens are one point out, but have played two more games than Florida.

-- Today's games (and who the Panthers would be cheering for if they weren't visiting the Washington Monument later tonight. And there are a lot of games, so the only games listed are ones that have anything to do with the Eastern Conference playoff hunt.)

Caps @ Bruins, 1: Washington is running away with the Southeast, but root for the Bs if you wanna.

Panthers @ Devils, 1: Florida players are big fans of Martin Brodeur, so they are rooting for the Devils obviously.

Sharks @ Canadiens, 7: Don't need any more wins by Montreal.

Leafs @ Senators, 7: Just threw this one in there.

Sabres @ Islanders, 7: Need a solid performance at the lighthouse by the fishermen.

Avs @ Rangers, 7: Colorado doesn't look too good right now, but neither do the Rangers.

Canes @ Thrash, 7: Hockey Night in the ATL. Always an exciting time.

Satriales The Standings (presented by Satriale's Pork Store in Kearny; courtesy of TSN.ca/NHL)


RankTeamGPWLOTPTSGFGAHomeAwayLast 10Streak
1Boston62421289221213821-4-421-8-44-4-2Won 2
2Washington62391858320717925-6-114-12-46-3-1Won 1
3New Jersey61391938118615120-10-119-9-27-3-0Won 1
4Philadelphia603317107619817518-8-415-9-67-2-1Lost 1
5Montreal62332277319118719-6-414-16-34-5-1Won 3
6Florida61312287016916617-8-514-14-36-4-0Won 1
7NY Rangers63312487015317418-10-413-14-42-5-3Lost 4
8Buffalo62312476918217317-12-214-12-54-4-2Lost 2
9Carolina63322656916618117-13-115-13-46-4-0Won 1
10Pittsburgh63312666819119517-12-214-14-46-3-1Won 2
11Toronto622426126018722411-11-813-15-45-2-3Won 3
12Ottawa60232895514917213-11-510-17-46-3-1Lost 1
13Tampa Bay622030125215619811-12-89-18-43-6-1Lost 2
14Atlanta62223465018321810-17-212-17-44-5-1Lost 1
15NY Islanders61183674314820412-13-56-23-22-6-2Lost 2


RankTeamGPWLOTPTSGFGAHomeAwayLast 10Streak
1San Jose6042999320314526-2-316-7-66-2-2Won 1
2Detroit62411389023417924-4-317-9-57-2-1Won 2
3Calgary61371868019517522-7-415-11-27-1-2Won 4
4Chicago60341797720115315-5-619-12-35-4-1Lost 3
5Vancouver61312287018317415-11-416-11-48-2-0Won 1
6Columbus62312566816717319-10-212-15-47-2-1Won 1
7Minnesota60302556515314118-11-512-14-04-4-2Lost 2
8Dallas60292476517518317-10-412-14-35-5-0Lost 3
9Edmonton61302656517018614-12-416-14-14-4-2Lost 1
10Anaheim63302856517618515-13-315-15-24-6-0Lost 1
11Nashville62302846415117218-11-212-17-25-4-1Won 3
12St. Louis61272686217018016-11-511-15-36-2-2Won 2
13Los Angeles61262696115817513-13-813-13-13-5-2Lost 2
14Phoenix62273055915819017-12-210-18-33-7-0Lost 2
15Colorado62283315716819417-14-011-19-13-7-0Lost 3


Ducks @ Star


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Panthers are getting embarrased out there! I wonder if that Boynton being sent home had an effect on them? Will JM now pull the trigger on the Bou trade? Panthers need some offense and a captain.

Hey George...you need to say something to the FSN crew. They cut the game off and Panthers Live off for Basketball!!!! What is that? So we had a extremely bad game, but there are actually Panther fans who still want to watch. First they cut our games, now shutting them off early. Soon the only to keep track of the team will be by radio.

We will be in 9th by the end of the day.

What a joke this team is, this organization and the media that surrounds this team (or lack there of).


I would not go that far Brian. The week has not been good at all and they were lucky to get 2 points in NY. I just hope this team has not hit the wall yet. I hope for a turnaround tomorrow. If they dont get points in Washington then Atlanta will be a must win. Remember, we have the trade deadline coming so if we can pick up a piece or two that would be nice. I always have said that the last month of the season is huge becuase teams play tighter. This team needs a goal scorer bad.


There is a huge amount of rumor chatter on the internet about a possible Panthers-Flyers trade fueled in part by Martin's presence at the two most recent Flyers games. Heard anything?

I just googled the rumors. There is talk that Panthers want: Lupal. But Phili wants to be ride of Briere and the contract.

Should be interesting if Panthers bomb tomorrow tonight what JM is willing to deal for.

Panthers need a scorer but trading Bou in the Eastern Conference would be a mistake. Flyers need to clear cap room so Martin may be looking at Lupal or Knuble for a pick or prospect.

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