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Toronto Sick Bay: Craig Anderson Versus Toronto ... Tomas Vokoun Has the Flu ... Fidel Castro and the Toronto Maple Leafs

Ferrisnurse In quite the surprise, Craig Anderson is in net tonight against the Leafs.

Vokoun is sick and isn't on the bench for the start of the game. He was apparently here for warmups, so he's probably resting in the locker room.

So maybe that's what the Rochester rumors were all about? Think they might have had trouble getting a flight for someone? I don't know. More as we go. Enjoy the game.

-- UPDATE: Vokoun is indeed the official backup goalie; he is sitting in the Panthers locker room and he is still in his pads just in case Anderson gets hurt. Vokoun is starting the second period on the Florida bench, drinking Gatorade. Or a Hot Toddie. He's drinking something.

-- Joe Nieuwendyk is here. He sends his best to everyone. So does Nik Hagman. He just said hello to Craig Anderson and the back of the net.

Cuba 001  -- Now here's a sponsor even the Panthers would say no to: On the boards just past the Leafs bench is an advertisement for Cuban tourism.

Daily flights to Habana from Toronto and Montreal. All aboard!

OK, maybe not.

-- Oh, and to be timely, enjoy this exchange between Anderson and some dude named Erik. What's a Leaf?


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Nice pic from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." Ask Joe if the rumors he's going to St. Louis to work with Army are true. ;-)

Panthers look like they are ready to become SELLERS at the deadline.


Bouwmeester's decision is going to be an easy one.

Erik owes you a round after linking that clip again!

hahahaha alright, ill take being wrong ne day. i guess we didnt lose back to back vs horrible teams.

good to see mcCabe score on the game winner. F their fans booing him every time he touches the puck. STUFF IT LEAFS FANS!

Also first win of the season after trailing 2 periods.

No problem giving you a pass on this one Brian!

If theres one thing i've learned this year is to not give up on this team. They have been down soo many times and have come back this season. I see something special happening!

Couldnt Say it any better Stephen!! this team is special i love watchin them every night.
Go Panthers!!!

They played a lot better in the third period and the OT. With Booth and Vokoun sick I wonder if other guys are sick too. Bouwmeester looked a bit sluggish and not as strong on the puck as usual.

I was at the game last night and it was fun to watch the Leafs fan reaction to McCabe scoring the OT winner. Thank you to the Panthers for winning both games in TO, it makes walking through the crowd after the game easier (I saw 7 other Panthers jerseys last night).

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