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Nick Boynton Sent Home, Out Next Three Games ... Craig Anderson Likely to Start Saturday versus Devils

Boynton NEWARK, N.J. -- Florida defenseman Nick Boynton has been dismissed from the team for disciplinary reasons and will not be with the team for the remainder of the team's three game road trip.

Boynton, acquired from Phoenix over the summer as part of the Olli Jokinen trade, played Thursday in New York and traveled with the team to its suburban New Jersey hotel after the game.

According to roommate Keith Ballard, Boynton was upset with the team's decision to send him back to South Florida. It's possible, with the NHL trade deadline coming on Wednesday that Boynton has played his last game with the Panthers (although Jacques Martin didn't sound that way on Friday night in Philly).

Boynton was benched for the third period of Thursday's comeback win against the Rangers and there have been rumors general manager Jacques Martin was even thinking of waiving Boynton. Martin confirmed that Boynton had been sent home but wouldn't go into further detail.

Little used Noah Welch now gets his chance to make his mark, and will play in at least the next three games starting Saturday at New Jersey (1 p.m., FSN).

- Goalie Tomas Vokoun is still suffering from an inner ear infection and didn't practice Friday. Craig Anderson will likely start against Martin Brodeur and the Devils.

- Winger Cory Stillman is still limping around with a seriuosly bruised foot after being hit by a puck Thursday morning. He is doubtful for Saturday as well.

More later when I get to Philly... Habs-Flyers LIVE! tonight.


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Whoa! Where did all this come from with Boyton?!?

HOLY COW! This is a real stunner! When I first read the title of the entry, I thought Boynton had been sent home and that CRAIG ANDERSON was LIKELY to be sent home too! I thought they'd gotten into a fight or something!

Man, this is a shocker...

Somebody please give us a hint ... GR get a seat next to JM tonight,...

WOW... i was thinking that he got hurt or something when he wasnt playing in the third period last night. he had to say something or do something bad to get this kind of reaction from the team. now noah needs to step it up a notch. maybe we are going to trade him to philly for a forward. i would like to see hartnell for boyton trade. what do you guys think? imo

Boynton is a pesky character, but really..is it a great loss. If welch is to play with this club, it's time for a young kid to get a chance.

If the Panthers make the playoffs, can Allen get back in? Or is he no good to go at all.

I was with jimmy's thinking that he may have been injured or maybe a trade with him is in the works.. mr. obvious that is the question how soon can Allen be back in the line-up? That would be huge for the playoffs...I miss his hard checks...he plays with a nasty side which we could use...Good oportunity for Welch.

I totally did not expect this move. I hope something good is brewing this trade deadline.

Well, this complicates the Bouwmeester situation somewhat. Being down one quality defenseman is bad enough, but two? When spots 5-9 are separated by two points?

Wow, this is ugly. I have to re-watch last night's game to look for clues.

Boynton has been horrible all season. Twice he screwed us out of a PP by "fighting" the player going to the box. He is not smart and was by far the worst panther on the ice last night.

He obviously needs to go, good thing JM and I both noticed his many turnovers and slow play of late.

We are in a playoff race, cut all of the fat right now! McLean I hope gets traded! If not, then waived.

Awesome tip here. Other Florida papers have not mentioned this yet, but this is huge news. I think McCabe has been sloppy/lazy as well, but Boynton has been prone to make mistakes and does not have the speed to recover. I really love how Scratch and Ballard have been playing the past few months.

Boynton for Hartnell??? Huh, that'd be like trading a guy like, say..Roberto Luongo for..uh, nevermind...

Do it!

Is this something that happened during intermission after the second period? Is that why he sat out in the 3rd period and then was sent home? That seems to be the logical conclusion.

Maybe he was inspired by those 'terrific' montage's they've been playing at the game. Perhaps he tried to rally the team and put up a cardboard cutout of JM in a bikini (ala Major League). Clearly it worked!

I personally would rather see JM go than Boynton. And I would DEFINITELY rather see him go than wearing a bikini...JM I'm home now, where you gonna send me?

Why does this incident not surprise me in the least? Boynton has always been a malcontent and a headcase, even back in the days when he couldn't come to terms on a contract with the Caps, and then re-entered the draft. He is your prototypical "all tools, no toolbox" kind of guy.

I wondered what happened? I've enjoyed Nick's play and nastiness. Well, I guess Boynton won't be back soon, much less be resigned in the offseason. Betcha JayBo for Lupul and Cobrun is looking better and better for JM, eh?

Hope this incident doesn't mess up team chemistry.

dude, i agree

Whether you like Boynton as a player or not, this is not a good thing. He is apparently well liked in the room. He crossed the line with DeBoer, no doubt. No matter what is printed, nobody on the outside knows what really was said or how it was said although his version is quoted by another paper. But it was signifigant enough to get him sent home so he obviously crossed the line. Whether or not Welch can pick up the slack on the ice is only part of the story. What this does in the room is what is of most concern. The players are people and people tend to take "sides" when these things occur. The Panthers are in the thick of the playoff race, finally, after nearly a decade. The Panthers really dont need this crap, obviously. If they go into a slide now, it wont be hard to figure out why.

Allen will not be back this year at all. DeBoer and Martin needed to do this to let the rest of the team know who is in charge. Boynton is a wreckloose and undisciplined. His loss will not be one that is tough to recover from. Welch needs the playing time and this may be exactly what is needed to jumpstart his career.

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