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Anderson in Until a Loss ... Olesz Back on Fourth

Having lunch with Goldie in Weston where the pizza is fine. He went to practice, I didn't. Here's what we got: Pete DeBoer says Craig Anderson is the goalie until he loses. ''I don't care if we win 10-9,'' he joked. DeBo says the ''tide has turned'' and he's not talking about Alabama. Florida is getting goaltending and the power play is not only getting good chances but goals as well. Lineups basically stay the same as how game ended, with Michael Frolik up on top line with David Booth and Stephen Weiss; Rostislav Olesz back down to the fourth line.


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Good pizza in Weston????

Try Pizza Time in Plantation

Andy wins every game until he loses 1-0 in Atlanta on April 9th then Vokoun starts the last game April 11th. Right, I believe that.

Good to see Olesz back on the 4th line. What am embarrassment he was on the 1st line vs. Dallas. He only lasted a few shifts before PDB changed his mind and put Frolik back up there.

It's too bad Olesz is here another 5 years 3.125 per.

like he's not going to get any better brian from ct. the kid's just back from injury. coach is doing what any good coach would do - try to push him. if he's not ready or the chemistry isn't right, you don't force it.

gosh. haven't seen any of your insightful comments on this blog for a while. boy do i miss them. :-]

6m for a goalie siting on the bench eh. Sounds like a bad signing then to me.

Sounds like someone needs to do some research.

Voky wasn't signed here, he was traded with his existing contract.

AND vokoun has carried this team for long stretches in his tenure here. no need to dump on him.

andy though has been a money back up and done a great job when needed.

Critics sell out on TVo way too quickly. Yes, he earns alot of money but he shouldn't have to play everyday...he's probably exhausted. Andy could play every 3rd or 4th game. Keep both guys fresh during the regular season.

The Cats need to win every game from here on out.

Holy Jokinen- I think we're talking minutia here. Yes TVo was traded here but it takes two to tango. JM knew the details of TVo's contract, thought TVo was worth the money, and traded for him and his $5.7M salary.


You better like TVo, since that who you'll be seeing most nights in the coming years. Andy will be off to greener pastures next year. He certainly has earned the raise that he'll get.

Olesz is too brittle, & hasn't shown that he can be consistently decent (let alone good). In a salary cap world, the occasional good move doesn't cut it. I guess Martin signed him to a 4 year deal figuring that he would be healthy for maybe 2.

One of PDB's best qualities is that he seems to know the psychology of the players, and he knows how to work it effectively...He makes a decision that puts the pressure on the player to step up and perform, holding them accountable...

Yes, both goalies probably take too much of the blame for this team, one that is playing much beyond its skill-level...That's a credit to good coaching, and getting very AVERAGE talent to buy into his system, and produce beyond many of our expectations...Just too bad he didn't have more skilled guys here, or even in the system....But poor drafting equals lack of TALENT....

I was hoping to see Olesz respond on the first line, but DeBoer's doing the right thing pushing him back down to the fourth. Frolik is much more productive at this stage, and we need all the offense we can muster.

As for TVo & Andy...Pete likes to ride the hot goaltender and might have gone a bit too long with Vokoun. However, this tandem has done a great job reviving our playoff chances several times over this season. I'm glad they work so well together.

It's still hard to believe we were dead last at one point. There's definitely a resiliency forming among this team.

Given all of the shots our goalies face on a nightly basis, Vokoun should have more nights off than he usually gets. Dumping on him when he's been overplayed and has a couple of bad games is ridiculous. Just be glad we have a solid backup.

I must say that having Frolik on the fourth line made McLean a much better player and allowed for more balance, but Frolik has earned the right to play with better and more consistent players. His communication with Weiss and Zednik is excellent and his style meshes well with Booth, Horton, and Stillman.

Can't say the Panthers have drafted poorly when we have a dman that every Canadian team wants and four or five forwards that every team would give us at least a first and a second for as compensation.

We haven't made the playoffs in almost a DECADE, so we have been in pretty ideal drafting position. The best we have to show for it is your Canadian dman(who may be gone), and the forwards are not exactly Top-6 fwds for the majority of other teams...Booth is a legitimate pick, Horton and Weiss are second-liners at best....It's nice to see Frolik have success this year, but again second-liner at best....Where's the legitimate sniper, play-maker, or all-star worthy players besides J-Bo?? All those top picks, and this is the best they have to show for it--pretty sad...They keep talking about young and up-coming talent, but they clearly don't have it because they must not know how to recognize it...

I am fed up with JM and am convinced that he must go if we fall short this year. Not since Pavel Bure have the Panthers had a legitimate offensive threat (if you like Olli then G*d forbid we have 2 legitimate scorers on the team) yet we have had ample opportunities to acquire another offensive talent. I don't understand what is so difficult to figure out. The Panthers have always been gritty and had solid goaltending. The Detroit's, New Jersey's and San Jose's of the world have always had what the Panthers have and more. It shouldn't take 10 years to figure that out and turn this thing around.

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