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Beware the Penguins: Pittsburgh @ Florida ... Steve Eminger IN ... David Booth, Sidney Crosby Probable

The Penguins are in town and it looks like Sidney Crosby will be in the lineup after missing four games (all wins) with a groin injury. Does Crosby get run for his Jan. 3 mugging of Brett McLean? Time will tell. Steve Eminger is in tonight, Nick Boynton will sit. David Booth was back today but according to Pete is a gametime decision. More later...


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I had a feeling that Boynton would be sitting this one out. What line will Eminger be on tonight - is Deboer going to mix up the defense pairing?

I hope Tarnasky is in and he clobbers Crosby.

This is a huge 4 point game. Maybe Brett McLean will ask Cindy if she wants to drop the gloves again this time McLean will know Cindy is coming at him. I have really come to hate Cindy Crosby. Whinning cry baby.

I don't think the Panthers will go after Crosby. Denying the Penguins the two points is a better way to get back at Sid.

That said, I hope Tarnasky's in the lineup to keep things in order. Just in case.

If he sits tarnasky after sitting Boyton, our team toughness tanks...it would be an error on PD's part...

Why doesnt anyone flatout just ask Jaybo since he saw the team turn around why he doesnt sign or be honest and say he doesnt want to?

Crosby doesn't HAVE a groin.

GR, we love your blog here in Rochester. Thanks for keeping us informed.

We never did see you at the BCA this season and we were hoping to meet you and take you out for the best BBQ (Dinosaur BBQ) in NYS.

There are a bunch of us that will be attending the NHL entry draft in Montreal in June. Perhaps there?

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